By Gina Calvert

7 Bible Verses About Giving to Others

When looking for Bible verses about giving to others, searchers will find several “categories” of scriptures about giving. They will find promises about the natural law of reciprocity (benefits of giving), and admonishments about motives. Some verses will address responsibilities, such as tithing, and others will give examples of generosity in scripture.

But giving to others is ultimately the focus of the believer’s generosity.

However, some people shy away from giving to churches because they prefer to “give to others,” as though a direct gift is the only way this happens. But giving to others happens in many ways:

Supporting the Church is Giving to Others

2 Corinthians 8:1-5 (TPT)
”Beloved ones, we must tell you about the grace God poured out upon the churches of Macedonia. For even during a season of severe difficulty, tremendous suffering, and extreme poverty, their super-abundant joy overflowed into an act of extravagant generosity. For I can verify that they spontaneously gave, not only according to their means but far beyond what they could afford. They actually begged us for the privilege of sharing in this ministry of giving to God’s holy people who are living in poverty. They exceeded our expectations by first dedicating themselves fully to the Lord and then to us, according to God’s pleasure.”

The Churches of Macedonia, who were themselves in poverty, collected funds to provide relief for other believers. Likewise, out of the generosity of their givers, today’s churches provide benevolence to members and others in their community.

The church exists to give and help others. Participating in church facilities upkeep and staff salaries IS helping others. Your gift enables the church to provide valuable services to others through outreach, spiritual teaching, ministry, benevolence, programs, and more.

“Being” the Church is Giving to Others

Believers banding together to make an impact is important. But supporting the church isn’t the same as being the church. We can’t delegate our responsibilities to the “church” as though we’ve “paid” our dues and can now simply enjoy the services we’ve “bought.” For example, we have an obligation to disciple our own kids, not expect the youth pastor to do it. 

The “church” is the individuals that make it up, not simply an organization we engage with. While we may enlist our church body to help someone in need, we should also be individually helping those in our circle of influence, as we are able. That help may be monetary, spiritual, physical or emotional, as shown by these Bible verses:

Luke 10:29-37 (NIV)
“But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’”

Luke 12:33-34 (NIV)
“Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide yourselves purses that do not wear out—a treasure in heaven that never decreases, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Supporting Missionaries and Ministers is Giving to Others

While it’s vital that we support felt needs (i.e. “a cup of cold water”) as part of being Jesus to others, supporting those who have dedicated their lives to the Gospel is another way that we give to others.

2 Kings 4:8–10 (NIV)
“One day Elisha went on to Shunem, where a wealthy woman lived, who urged him to eat some food. So whenever he passed that way, he would turn in there to eat food. And she said to her husband, ‘Behold now, I know that this is a holy man of God who is continually passing our way. Let us make a small room on the roof with walls and put there for him a bed, a table, a chair, and a lamp, so that whenever he comes to us, he can go in there.’”

1 Cor 16:2 (NIV)
“On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.”

We Show God’s Love by Giving to Others

Why is it so important to give to others? Not only does it flow God’s love to those who need it, but the generosity of believers serves as a testimony to the world of His love:

1 John 3:17(NIV)
If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?

John 13:35 (NIV)
By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”