By Gina Calvert

7 Short Bible Verses to Chew On

As these 7 short bible verses show, sometimes brief is better. It can be easy to skip over brevity, but what if we accept its invitation to pause? To ponder?

Jim Rohn, author and entrepreneur said, “Jesus said ‘Follow me.’ Now that’s brief! He could be brief because of all that he was that he didn’t have to say.”

So take a few moments to read the context and chew (meditate) on these short Bible verses. For some of them, you might think at first that the sentiment isn’t possible. Reject that notion and ponder how, in God’s economy, it could be true.

1. Jesus wept

John 11:35 NIV

This is probably the best-known of the short Bible verses. It occurs in verses 1-44 when Jesus is called to come help his dying friend Lazarus, but waits two days. Lazarus dies and his sisters Mary and Martha are devastated with grief, causing Jesus to weep.

Thought to ponder: Why would Jesus cry if he knew he would be raising him soon?

2.Rejoice always

1 Thessalonians 5:16 NIV

This is the first of seven short Bible verses formed out of a list of admonishments in the same sentences. Each thought earned its own verse. Don’t write this one off as impossible.

Thought to ponder: How is it possible to rejoice always?

3. Remember Lot’s wife

Luke 17:32 NIV

In verses 20-37 Jesus is discussing the nature of the coming of the kingdom. Using Noah and Lot, he illustrates the suddenness of its coming and what the tendency of some people will be. To do that, he references a disturbing story in Genesis 19:1-29. In it, Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt (Gen 19:26) while the family was fleeing a wicked city that was being destroyed.

Thought to ponder: How could I unintentionally act like Lot’s wife in the context of the coming Kingdom?

4. Pray without ceasing

1 Thessalonians 5:17 NIV

This short Bible verse is often treated with skepticism by kids and literalists: “That’s not even possible!”

Thought to ponder: Consider seasons in your life where you quit praying. What was that time like? How did you turn it around?

5. Do everything with love

1 Corinthians 16:14 NIV

While it’s certainly a “journey,” we know that if He asks it of us, it should be a goal of ours. Many different emotions drive the actions we take each day. It’s a worthwhile exercise to explore what those are.

Thought to ponder: What are some things I do without love? And how can I move toward love in those areas?

6. Do not quench the Spirit

1 Thessalonians 5:19 NIV

Until we learn His ways with us, it’s likely we’ve all done our fair share of suppressing his voice in our hearts and lives. Consider these 7 ways we can quench the Spirit.

Thought to ponder: What does it look like when you quench the Spirit? When have you done so, and when have you allowed him free reign? What were the outcomes of each?

7. We love him because he first loved us

1 John 4:19 NIV

This short Bible verse is packed with meaning. It puts the horse before the cart, so to speak, calling into question where our very ability to love him came from.

Thought to ponder: Could we love him if this verse wasn’t true? Why or why not? And if it’s true, what does it mean about our love?

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