By Gina Calvert

Automated Reconciliation for Church Giving Systems is Real…and it’s Amazing!

Automated reconciliation? It’s about time! (50% less time, to be specific.)

Welcome to part 5 in our How to Bring Your Church Back Office to the Future series. You can start with Part 1 or download our guide in PDF form to get all the steps at once.

Reconciliation has historically been one of the worst nightmares of giving systems. We don’t have to tell you about the challenges of …

  • Trying to match batched deposit amounts to specific gifts
  • Manually breaking down gifts into their various designations or campuses
  • Sorting out gifts according to the various fee schedules they fall into

But now there’s a solution!

Vision2 automated reconciliation cuts processing time in half (or more)

Our mission is to really help churches with the challenges they face around online giving. So creating auto-reconciliation was an important goal for us.

Our short, simple GL files report validates ALL transaction details for you, including:

  • Automatically sweeping chargebacks, refunds and any other changes, and attributing them to the right transactions, then updating the GL.
  • Attaching unique deposit IDs to transactions so that tracking back transactions to deposits during an audit is a snap!
  • Seriously simplifying fund designation posting

What does Laila Vanderpool, CFO of a 7-campus church in Florida, think about Vision2’s auto-reconciliation?

“Vision2’s automated reconciliation is beautiful,” she says. “We used to have to do this manually. Vision2’s report is very comprehensive. We have 36 funds so we could have a file that has giving designations for up to 36 lines, though it typically averages 12-20 lines, rather than, say, 4000+ lines in our previous online giving system.”

“Posting designations is not a problem,” she continues. “This report alleviates so many pain points. I can easily delegate reconciliation to my team now. It cuts the process of reconciliation by at least 50%.

See it for yourself with a quick Vision2 demo.

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