By Gina Calvert

Automated Reconciliation for Church Giving Systems is Real…and it’s Amazing!

Automated reconciliation? It’s about time! (50% less time, to be specific.)

Reconciliation has historically been one of the worst nightmares of giving systems. We don’t have to tell you about the challenges of …

  • Trying to match batched deposit amounts to specific gifts
  • Manually breaking down gifts into their various designations or campuses
  • Sorting out gifts according to the various fee schedules they fall into

But now there’s a solution!

Vision2 automated reconciliation cuts processing time in half (or more)

Our mission is to really help churches with the challenges they face around online giving. So creating auto-reconciliation was an important goal for us.

Our short, simple GL files report validates ALL transaction details for you, including:

  • Automatically sweeping chargebacks, refunds and any other changes, and attributing them to the right transactions, then updating the GL.
  • Attaching unique deposit IDs to transactions so that tracking back transactions to deposits during an audit is a snap!
  • Seriously simplifying fund designation posting

See it for yourself with a quick Vision2 demo.

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