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Giving Solutions for Senior Pastors

Help for Pastors

Visually illustrate the impact of your ministries to encourage involvement and understand where your individual members are along their personal giving journey.

Help for Pastors

Inspire Greater Generosity

Use stories, images and videos to powerfully illustrate the positive impact of giving opportunities, rather than simply listing accounting funds.

Inspire Greater Generosity

Connect with your Congregation

Leverage reporting and marketing communication tools to personally connect with any member of your church on their individual giving journey.

Connect with your Congregation

Get Insights into Giving Trends

Utilize our powerful giving analytic tools to see trends in your membership’s giving history, first-time givers, frequent givers, lapsed givers, major donors, and more.

Get Insights into Giving Trends

Features designed for senior Pastors


Vision2 allows you to include images and robust descriptions for every giving opportunity so potential givers can truly understand the IMPACT their gifts will make. You will see at least a 20% increase in donations when you visually demonstrate how givers’ hard-earned dollars are being used in ministry.


Vision2 allows you to you personalize every email and thank you message with the giver’s name and prior giving details. Plus, you can include photos, videos and custom content thanking them for their generosity and, optionally, offering them additional ways to give, volunteer or stay informed.


Record and report all revenue from your church giving campaigns at the campus level. Automatically assign the donor to a campus-based on their online giving location and never have to ask them again.


For better donor engagement, segment your givers into groups based on multiple criteria. Communicate to your givers in different ways to help them along their discipleship journey.


We provide a host of analytics that will provide you up-to-the-minute insights on your giving data.


Get to know who your givers are by tracking new, lapsed, and top giving patterns. Using advanced reporting tools, you can analyze how your giving has changed year-to-year.


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Giving Without Limits
  • No contract
  • No monthly fees
  • No limit on support
  • No limit on # of users
  • No limit on transactions
  • No limit on the donation amount
  • No delays in receiving your money
NO LIMITS to the
GROWTH of your...
  • Number of givers
  • Total amount of gifts
  • Church programs
  • Church outreach
  • Church missions
  • Church impact
  • and much, much more!

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