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5 Reasons People Don’t Want to Create an Account to Give to Your Church

5 Reasons People Don’t Want to Create an Account to Give to Your Church

When it comes to eCommerce, about 30% of customers abandon a site when they are forced to create an account (sometimes before they can even start shopping).

It’s a good bet many of those customers feel the same way about giving online.

But why do they feel this way? And why should you care?

[This is part 8 of our 11 Commandments of Online Giving series. Download the guide or start the blog series here.]


Don’t require givers to create an account in order to give.

Why do most platforms require givers to create an account? Mainly because it does have some benefits for both the giver and the church:

For the giver: Although account setup takes more time upfront, it allows for faster gift completion for all future gifts.

For the church: Once givers have created an account, they’re less likely to abandon a gift mid-checkout. The church also gains an opportunity to personalize communications with givers in order to forge a deeper connection.

But are these benefits worth the cost of a lost giver on the front end?

Why Some Givers Dislike Creating Accounts

1. Creating an account is often frustrating and takes longer than the giver feels is worth the hassle.
2. It asks a lot of the customer too early in the process before they’ve had time to truly know you or commit to the gift. Hesitance is often the starting point for many givers.
If you have an engaging giving page (like this one), givers may feel more open to registering by the time they check out. So it’s ok to ask again near the end of the checkout as long as it remains obviously voluntary.
3. Givers associate account registration with newsletters and spam. They believe they’ll get bombarded with unwanted emails.
4. Account and password fatigue. Most people feel they already have too many accounts set up.
5. Security and privacy concerns. Givers may not want to give out all their personal information so early in your relationship.

The answer is, of course, Guest Checkout.

2 Must-haves for a guest checkout option

  • Don’t do a bait-and-switch and require personal information later in the process.
  • Make it obvious. Some giving platforms’ guest option is almost impossible to find.

Bottomline: Accept the online gifts your givers want to offer without making them jump through a single hoop.

With Vision2, your givers don’t have to hunt for a guest option on your giving page. Those who don’t wish to create an account will find it easy to give as a guest or even anonymously.

And those who continue to your giving page will be delighted by the inspiring and simple giving process.

Have questions? Reach out to us directly.


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