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Kyle Henning

man processing credit card payment with a handle-held point of sale (POS) device

8 min read

Payment Processing and Merchant Services for Churches

With the right payment processing and merchant services tools, your church can increase giving to better support the good you're doing in your community and the world.

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elderly woman in orange sweater outside texting

6 min read

5 Best Practices for Online Tithing at Your Church

Online tithing helps your congregants more easily follow through on their giving commitments...if you choose a tool that strengthens their connection...

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businesswoman with tablet

7 min read

The Smart Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Church Giving Software

You can make giving convenient and easy for your congregants by selecting church online giving software that answers these 5 questions.

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digital depiction of data integration

3 min read

Why is merging membership information with financial data important for churches?

Financial data is important, but without people data, the picture is incomplete.

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