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Surprise! Best Time for a Giving Switch

Surprise! Best Time for a Giving Switch

There never seems to be a perfect time to make a software switch, but you might be surprised at what’s possible...and optimal!


Opinions and calendars fluctuate, but when there's a lot to gain by upgrading, there’s no time like the present, even if the timing seems counterintuitive.

By making the switch sooner, you can start benefiting right away. Here's why, with Vision2, some of the seemingly worst times to switch can work out surprisingly well.

#1 Surprising Time to Switch: Mid-Campaign 

Don't let an ongoing campaign keep you from upgrading your giving software.

Believe it or not, one of our largest clients switched to Vision2 during a multi-year, multi-million-dollar campaign, with these results: Saddleback giving goals graphic

We were able to help them accomplish this because of the unique way we manage pledges. Most accounting systems don't know what to do with pledges and commitments. But Vision2’s unique campaign pledge feature makes it easy for churches to create Campaign Pledge Management Giving Goals thumbnail (1)campaigns that include received and future donations and even capture the details on givers' statements.

Even mid-campaign, we capture the full history AND offer an engaging giving experience proven to elevate generosity. 

Download the handout to learn more about our Pledge and Campaign management feature.


#2 Surprising Time to Switch: Mid-Contract with your giving provider

It's pretty frustrating to be stuck in a giving contract you hate or that costs too much.  But what can you do but bite the bullet and wait it out? 

Here's an idea:  GET A HEADSTART - even 6-8 months or more before your current contract expires. Here's why this can work:

While the clock ticks on your old contract, your new giving provider is preparing for a seamless migration. You can launch your new platform when you're ready and phase out your old giving platform--even before the contract ends. 

Yes, your old vendor's monthly fees will continue until pay-out. But if you're upgrading to a no-monthly-fee solution like Vision2, those fees will be offset by the average 18% non-recurring digital gift lift our clients experience in the first 6 months of using Vision2. 

And in the meantime, you'll start enjoying these benefits for free: 

  • No monthly subscription fees and a tiny upfront implementation fee that is fully refunded to you 60 days after activation. 
  • Competitive credit card processing fees 
  • Engaging giving experience that demonstrates impact to your givers 
  • All of Vision2's features at no additional cost, including our Give2 web app 
  • Automated back office with flexible, customizable processes (like easy editing of recurring gifts by givers or staff) 
  • Customer Success team with outstanding Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings and less than 1 minute average response time 

Beware: If you wait until your contract end date approaches, you risk facing the impossible choice of having to sign a new contract with them or enduring a gap in online giving coverage. If you’re planning to switch, allow a minimum of 4-6 months to avoid this gap. 


#3 Surprising Time to Switch: When You're Too Busy

Fear not! We're not suggesting you schedule a horrible, multi-week disruption right before Easter or Christmas. What we are suggesting is you SKIP a horrible disruption altogether by opting for Vision2's Simple Migration.

We're well aware of the challenges of onboarding a new platform and have developed strategies to minimize downtime and disruption during the transition. We create a schedule of tasks and deliverable dates you can follow and plan around.

After a manageable checklist of approvals on your end, we truly do the heavy lifting to allow your day-to-day operations to continue to run smoothly, even during the transition period. 

We even have a proprietary method of transferring 95-98% of your recurring gifts with little to no involvement on your givers' part.

Carl on Onboarding


Stay Ahead of the Curve

Don't be afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom that suggests you should wait for the "perfect time" to make a software switch.

Sometimes, the best time is when you least expect it. By embracing the opportunity for efficiency and greater generosity, minimal disruption, and long-term gains, you'll be enjoying the benefits of your new giving solution sooner, rather than later.

Let's chat!

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