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Do You Really Need Church Data Analytics?

Do You Really Need Church Data Analytics?

[This is the final post in our How to Bring Your Church Back Office to the Future series. View Part 1 here]

When it comes to church data analytics, most online giving solutions provide only simple reports. They primarily show the who, what (amount) and when of gifts. And some churches find that’s all they need.

So if finance staff want to streamline their processes, including automating ALL the various possible inputs for reports, a giving system with more robust church data analytics solution will be required. (Typically, these time savings translate to money saved, as well.)

If your leadership wants better visibility into the church’s true financial health and projectable future, you may need a giving system that includes enterprise-level church analytics. If they want to minister more effectively, you definitely do.

Some Churches Need Enterprise-Level Data Analytics and Reporting

Some churches, especially very large ones, should have the same enterprise-level reporting that major nonprofits use for giving trends and donor segmentation. It’s the only way to:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your church’s financial health
  • Be proactive for its future
  • Minister effectively to a large congregation

Vision2 Analytics offers real-time, intuitive, simple-to-use reporting and analytics functionality. To bring your back office to the future, it’s the closest thing to a time machine there is for managing giver and financial data. You can see the past, take action in the present, and plan for the future.

But aren’t data analytics hard to learn? And how do you figure out what your numbers mean and know what kind of action to take to improve them without misusing your congregants’ data?

Vision2 Data Insights

Most leaders want comprehensive insights, but in a simple, actionable format. Vision2 provides dashboards with easy statistical data and comparisons in out-of-the-box reports, like:

  • Year-over-year or month-over-month giving
  • Number of households giving
  • Fund-specific comparisons (i.e. general fund vs. designated gifts)
  • Lapsed givers
  • Giving channel sources (where are gifts originating from)
  • Growth of recurring gifts

…and more.

NOTE: For those who like to dig into raw data, we provide access to our data warehouse and the hundreds of possible insights available on your data and donors.

Benefits of Vision2 Analytics

So what does Vision2 access to comprehensive giving and donor data give you? Beyond the sheer amount of time saved by finance staff, here’s the WHY for church leadership:

  • Flexible analytics and detailed reporting for a ministry-first approach to giving through targeted-action follow-ups
  • Customized, auto-published dashboards delivered via email or text
  • Actionable data for proactive oversight and forecasting of your church’s financial health
  • Tools to support your congregation’s financial discipleship

Ready to chat about how you can bring your finance office into the future and elevate your ministry capabilities? Reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for.

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