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How to Easily Track the Source (and Details) of Each Gift You Receive

How to Easily Track the Source (and Details) of Each Gift You Receive

To track the source of gifts is a little like taking a road trip:  There are many routes to your destination.

When it comes to online giving, how many ways can your members and visitors’ give to your church? How many channels and paths do you offer?

Even more interesting: Which link did they first click to get to your giving page? How can you know which giving channels are being used and which aren’t? And why does it matter?

Tracking the originating source of the gifts that come in from the multiple channels you offer your givers is not only important … it’s actually quite easy. (If you have the right giving platform, that is.)

12 Channels Your Giving Solution Should Track

Can your current system track the source of gifts from:

  • Telephone
  • Mail
  • In-person
  • Offering plate/collection box (Cash or any kind of check)
  • Email
  • Various church website pages (home page, tithing page, beyond the tithe page, specific ministry pages, etc.)
  • Various links on social media
  • SMS/Text-to-give
  • Streaming service page
  • Multiple (a combination of these, such as a link on social media or an email that directed the giver to text giving)
  • Multi-Designation (which ministry funds were selected in each gift transaction)
  • Stock brokerage transfer

But wait! There’s more:

  • Can your system show you summaries, too, such as average gift amount, how many times clicked, max gift, and total given for each button, for any period of time you select?
  • Can it differentiate between mobile and desktop gifts?
  • Can each button have a different ask ladder based on its location?
  • Can you customize acknowledgements based on buttons?

What Can You Do with This Information?

The insights you gain from this kind of visibility can help you…
1. Leverage the most-used channels. For example, if you see that people are responding to giving links in emails, you can use that option more often for critical needs or campaigns.

2. Make sure people know about the least-used channels. For example, do they know about multi-designation, text-to-give or in-kind/stock gifts? The easier and more flexible your giving experience is, the more people will use it!

Good news: Vision2 offers ALL these tracking paths and giving analytics. A 5-minute demo of Vision2’s source tracking feature will show you how ridiculously easy it is to filter for each channel, drill down into gifts to see designations, or download the data into an Excel file for practical use.

Reach out with any questions you may have.

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