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Giving + Church Management For Catholic Infrastructures

Giving + Church Management For Catholic Infrastructures

Find out what's new for Catholic churches!

Connecting your ChMS or database and Online Giving across complex Catholic infrastructures isn't easy. And not every solution is up to the challenge.

All-in-one solutions try but, at the end of the day, most of them are simply disparate platforms cobbled together and relabeled as one solution. They weren't built to integrate, nor can they do WELL all the things you need to do.

So, you end up shifting your focus from your disciples to your data and processes to try to make it work ... the very opposite of what you use technology for!

The answer? Choosing like-minded, best-in-class, integrated systems means each platform vendor focuses and innovates on its core competency, while YOU get the best blend of functionality.


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Intro V2 + Camino connections

The PEOPLE CARE Solution For Catholic Churches

At the end of the day, everything you do is about taking care of your parishioners. Together these two affordable best-in-class solutions become one brilliant answer to your parish's need for unified people care and giving.

Connecting Across the Unique Hierarchical Structures of Catholic Churches

The average parish may consist of a wide variety of church sizes and “shapes," from tiny, non-plugged-in congregations to large tech-savvy churches with activity rosters as complex as a college. With Camino+Vision2, it doesn’t matter! 


Camino parish management database provides a robust array of automated ministry tools, including Sacrament tracking, communications tools, event ticketing, website hosting, a mobile app and more, to help you be the hands of feet of Jesus. No one falls through the cracks. Learn more about Camino here.


Vision2 automates online and offline giving, reconciliation, GL reporting, diocesan payments (based on offertory revenue only), and so much more. And what isn't automated is supported by our team of accounting, design, data, tech and Customer Success experts. Analytics can be tracked by parish or across parishes.

    + Flexible analytics and detailed reporting enable targeted follow-ups.
    +Along with tools to support financial discipleship, Vision2 rolls up parish donor data into consistent formats to the highest levels of oversight. 

    + No manual processes, no paper reports. Only customizable dashboards and a common giving portal across parishes that can be viewed as needed, with always-updated donor details. 

    + You get proactive oversight and forecasting of financial health at every organizational level, from the church, to the parish, diocese or archdiocese. 
    Access and visibility can be configured according to the needs and preferences of the diocese, parish and church. 
    No other giving solution provides a detailed subledger with GL output tailored to your accounting solution and chart of accounts. You'll cut reconciliation time by at least 50%.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for these two powerhouse solutions. Choose either one or both to fit your current needs.

To learn more about Camino, Vision 2 or Camino + Vision2, reach out here.

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