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How The Magic of Invisibility Quietly "Fixes" Church Giving

How The Magic of Invisibility Quietly

Does church giving need fixing? Is it broken? Here's how we're quietly revolutionizing the industry by being invisible to givers, but just the opposite for back office staff and ministry leaders.

Vision2 is the giving platform that's invisible to givers yet invaluable to churches. With a seamless and inspiring giving experience, Vision2 invites engagement, reduces gift abandonment, and fosters trust with the church. Finance teams love Vision2's auto-reconciliation and 98% CSAT rating.


What's "Broken" in Church crack in sidewalkGiving?

People who want to give WILL, no matter what.

But most giving software is uninspiring (even off-putting) for those who are:

  • On the fence about giving (or about your church)
  • New to giving
  • Easily deterred by hassles

The typical solution is also inadequate and cumbersome for finance staff and leadership.

People think all systems basically do the same things in the same way, but Vision2 started over from scratch to create something different.



One of the contributing factors to the challenges the online giving industry faces is the growing trend of acquisitions. This issue is further complicated when venture capitalists, instead of faith-based owners, take charge.

These constant shifts shake church leaders' confidence, as well as the overall quality of offerings, including:

  • Price
  • Innovation
  • Integrations
  • User experience
  • Data security
  • Customer service...and more

BOTTOM LINE: Cobbled-together solutions and lack of seamless integration result in a subpar experience for both givers and administrators.


RESULTS: The essence of online giving as an act of worship gets lost in transaction.


smooth highwayHow can church giving be seamless? 

"Seamless" means having no awkward transitions, interruptions, or indications of disparity. (Source: Merriam Webster)

In the world of giving platforms, it's not visibility that makes the greatest impact—it's invisibility.

This might seem paradoxical at first glance. Of course givers will see your giving form. But what else do they see? Do they see your church's branding, mission and projects while staying on your giving page? Do they see how their gift will have an impact? Are they inspired to explore your giving opportunities?

Or do they see third-party technology that doesn't even begin to look or feel like your branding and messaging? Are they presented with a giving form that asks for their intended dollar amount before any other action can be taken?

When that happens, it's called friction. If the friction doesn't stop the gift, it definitely stops the feeling of generosity and connection to your church, rather than using this act of worship to leave a positive feeling.


The best technology is the one you don't even notice. 

Seamless technology smoothly moves the giver along the act of giving, creating a fluid interface that's easy to navigate...and keeps the focus off the mechanics. A truly seamless experience requires careful design, a user-friendly interface, and a thorough understanding of user needs.

It's about removing hurdles, not creating them. The less users have to think about the process, the more successful the technology.

Why "Seamlessness" Matters

Seamless technology keeps the focus on your church, encouraging consistent and regular donations.

Plus, it fosters trust between the church and your givers—an invaluable factor in sustaining long-term relationships. A seamless experience is a stark contrast to platforms that leave givers frustrated or abandoning their gifts midway through.


Explore our unique giving experience that John Cardenas of Diocesan calls "Brilliant! Vision2 Give Stories give me that 'feel good reminder'."


Vision2: visiblE WHERE IT customer service repREALLY MATTERS

Vision2 is a pioneer in this realm of invisibly-seamless-yet-impactful-giving. Despite being 'invisible' to your givers, our presence is felt through the ease our platform brings to the giving experience and the positive effects it has on generosity and back office efficiency. 

We achieve this through our software design and functionality AND through our native integrations with leading ChMS platforms.

Where we lose our cloak of invisibility is in our relationship with your finance team.

We're here to...

It's a case of Now-YOU-See-Us-Now-THEY-Don't.


Have questions? Reach out to Vision2 today to learn more.


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