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How to Partner with Impact-driven Givers in 2024

How to Partner with Impact-driven Givers in 2024

Every giver wants to know they’re making an impact when they donate. But some givers take this desire to the next level...and beyond.  

Who are these coveted contributors? 

According to a recent Christianity Today (CT) article, high-capacity, impact-driven givers share essential traits that every church and nonprofit needs on their team. 

So what does this group have in common and how can you connect with them in 2024? 


Shared Traits of Impact-Driven Givers 

The CT article explained that impact-driven givers view themselves not merely as donors but as "resource partners." They are deeply involved in the mission and vision of the ministries they support. And they... 

  • Want to make a difference where there is suffering and injustice 
  • Prioritize investing in true partnerships (time, talent and treasure) 
  • Are risk tolerant and favor innovation 

This information gives churches a strategic roadmap for growth … and for attracting and engaging these high-capacity givers to help make it happen:


1. Develop a Holistic Ministry Focus

Along with their dedicated ministry focus, high-capacity impact-driven givers want to support pro-social causes that seek to right wrongs and uplift the oppressed.  

The fact is, most of today’s givers skew in this direction. Many young donors, especially, want to give directly and/or solely to benevolent concerns that resonate with them. This is why churches are increasingly losing donations to nonprofits. (Source: Giving USA, 2023) 

It’s not simply that nonprofits focus more of these things. It's also these organizations do a better job demonstrating the impact gifts will have. Yet many churches still struggle with how to convey the significant physical and spiritual impact their givers' donations make possible. 

Action Tip 1.holistic ministry


2. Fostering True Partnership 

Everybody recognizes a healthy partnership: Each person feels valued and appreciated. Trust is high. Stuff gets done.

When churches integrate their impact-driven resource partners’ expertise and experience into the planning and execution of ministry goals, they get more than financial support.  

They get total buy-in.  

This group is not the set-it-and-forget-it giving type. 

They relish the opportunity to bring their unique skills and knowledge to the table.  

They desire to work together to accomplish a "meaningful return on their kingdom investments," as the article puts it, whether it’s at their church or not.  

But be prepared.  

The article states that "With this desire comes an expectation of collaboration, transparency, accountability, and direct interaction with ministry partners on the ground."  

If they have to fight for this level of partnership, they will look elsewhere.

Action Tip 1.holistic ministry


3. Embrace Innovation and Risk 

Innovation and risk can feel uncomfortable when you have a budget dependent on donations and donor trust. Plus, limited resources and scrutiny on good stewardship seem to demand a "cautious approach." 

But alongside those ideas we have Matthew 25:14-30, where we see 3 stewards tasked with growing their master’s money. One was unwilling to take a risk. He buried his allotment and was chastised for his decision. 

Long story short, God has not called the church to a risk-free walk. 

This is something impact-driven donors are comfortable with. They value courage and new ideas in ministry because they understand that innovation and risk are a crucial part of growth and even of good stewardship. 

Action Tip 2.True partnership


How Vision2 Can Help 

Vision2 is a comprehensive online and offline giving solution that allows you to demonstrate impact in order to inspire and engage givers to greater participation and generosity.  

Our unique campaign and pledge feature easily handles campaigns already underway. In fact, one of our early clients switched to Vision2 in Year 1 of a multi-year capital campaign without skipping a beat. They ultimately raised $5.21 million across 51,900 unique gifts and 6,305 pledges. Campaign Pledge Management Giving Goals thumbnail (1)

Download our Campaign and Pledge handout to see ALL the ways Vision2 supports your strategic initiatives. 

You'll also learn how Vision2’s automated Statement Generator provides detailed self-serve statements that include end-of-year visibility into every kind of gift. It’s just the kind of documentation all your givers, but especially high-capacity givers, like to have at their fingertips. 

Let's chat about YOUR church's next big leap of faith. 

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