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Online Giving for Churches is a Must Have

Online Giving for Churches is a Must Have

Online giving is a broad category of digital giving that encompasses a variety of giving modes and channels, including:

  • Web Giving Forms
    A giving form is embedded into your website’s giving page, providing secure and easy giving, including the option to schedule recurring gifts. You have full freedom to tell your ministry stories and link givers to other resources.


    Givers can access this form or their giving history via any device, including phones and tablets. This enables churches to set up kiosks for giving in the foyer or at events.

  • Text-to-Give
    Your online giving platform provider typically also offers text giving, which allows givers to quickly give through their phones simply by texting their gift to your church’s unique number.
  • Mobile Church Apps
    If you already have a church app, giving is one of the features to include so that visitors can easily and quickly be prompted to donate when they use the app to engage with your content.

How Online Giving for Churches Inspires Generosity

Online giving for churches shines brightest during a crisis like Coronavirus. As many churches discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a digital mode for giving to the church was vital to keeping the flow of generosity open when people were unable to be there in person.

Whether they’re ill, shut-in, traveling or sheltering in place due to a pandemic, people can still easily give. In the case of the coronavirus crisis, when churches need to continue serving yet everyone is shut in, online giving is crucial.

Online giving for churches leverages your givers’ digital lifestyles and preferences. When online giving was first introduced, Millennials were the prevailing demographic that had made the transition to a digital lifestyle.

Today, all generations are highly digital, actively shopping, banking and bill-paying online. They appreciate how fast and easy it is to interact with their favorite brands and their church online. And some givers will not donate through any other means.

Online giving is a more secure and efficient way for churches to process the offering. Fraud and human error are a common story, even for churches. Digital giving reduces opportunities for fraud and the possibility of human error. Not all online giving platforms excel at this, but in general, online giving for churches is secure because of the mandatory protocols of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards.

Why Vision2 for Online Giving?

Vision2 is the comprehensive giving and stewardship solution for churches. We've gone the extra mile to provide the online giving platform that is best for;

We'd love to chat with you about your church's needs. Reach out today.

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