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Preparing for Easter (& Other Seasonal Initiatives)

Preparing for Easter (& Other Seasonal Initiatives)

You’re already hard at work preparing for Easter, the most popular “church day” of the year and, historically, a big giving day, too.

But take a quick scan to see if any of these tips can help you maximize participation and giving potential (if that is a goal) of your Easter and other seasonal “campaigns.”


1. Promotion: Bridge Online and Offline Content

How are you promoting your event(s)? In today's world, print materials or direct mail aren’t enough. The trick is to create a seamless experience for your members and guests that bridges the online/offline divide.

Consider using your print materials to point to additional ways your givers can connect with you online. For example, a QR code that takes people directly to a specific landing page, text-to-give screen, or your social media accounts can increase your reach considerably – and it’s easy to do! Just find a free QR code generator online, input your destination URL, then copy and paste the code into your materials. People will know what to do.

You can also make your online content feel more like your in-person experience by including things like short form videos of church leaders in acknowledgements, fund descriptions, images, and emails. Don't forget to mention online giving and in-person events in your live stream.


2. Offer an Engaging Giving Experience

If the event includes the opportunity for donations (such as raising support for a third-party cause or inviting scholarships for other attendees), offer givers more than a bare-bones drop-down option entitled “Easter Offering” or “Summer Camp” or other vague description. Newcomers have no idea what these funds "do."

People are used to engaging with their favorite brands via images, detailed descriptions, and context. If the experience is “bill pay-like” (transactional) and they receive a generic “tax receipt,” you’ve lost a golden opportunity to extend their connection beyond the event.

Instead, beef up your giving experience with dynamic, media-rich Give Stories and personalized acknowledgments that help givers go deeper into the life of the church. Make giving fast and easy with QR codes or text-to-give.


Learn how Vision2 Give Stories demonstrate impact and increase giving


3. Provide Staff with the Right Tools

Events aren’t easy for your staff. Are you giving them the tools they need? An online giving solution should:

  • Seamlessly integrate with your website, allowing them to update the content and campaign details quickly and easily.
  • Provide online campaign strategies and resources that engage more people
  • Offer compelling acknowledgements that extend connection beyond the event


Vision2 Can Help with Your Seasonal Initiative Campaigns

Seasonal initiatives are an excellent opportunity for churches to connect with their congregation and community, inspire generosity, and grow their congregation. Let us help you make the most of yours!


Want more details for how to conduct a strategic event campaign?

Check out our on-demand webinar: 3 Keys to Successful Seasonal Initiatives


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