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The Time-Saving Wonder of SINGLE CHECK SCANNING

The Time-Saving Wonder of SINGLE CHECK SCANNING

Processing paper gifts is time-consuming, especially if your unintegrated systems each require a separate scan. Those days are over with our single-check scanning application.

Single check scanning eliminates the 3 separate scans normally required to upload giving data into all your systems: Giving platform, ChMS and Accounting system. Single check scanning is possible only for systems that already have some level of integration. 

Vision2 Single Check Scanning

Integrated systems is the mechanism behind the magic. We started with robust integrations to most ChMS platforms and a full GL report that maps giving data to your accounting system.

Then, we built our own check scanning application that connects with the Vision2 database in real time.

Single Check Scanning Saves Staff Countless Hours 

  • Automatically imports/exports households and contacts from ChMS platforms that integrate with Vision2.
  • Gifts for posted entries are directly applied to the appropriate donor.
  • New givers' names and addresses are captured to automatically create a new individual record in Vision2. Plus, a thank you email is automatically generated from your church to the giver!
  • As batches are posted, Vision2 transmits the files directly to the bank for you.
  • Editing any aspect of an entry is simple. You can even change a checking account associated with one household member to another.
  • All accounting updates are automatically processed.


Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), details are extracted from each scanned document-- including personal and bill pay checks, envelopes, and money orders -- and populates the appropriate data field for viewing, reporting, and editing, if needed.

Data automatically captured includes:
  • Front and back images of each scanned item
  • The donor's name and amount of gift
  • From checks: Date, routing, account and check numbers

Digital Check TellerScan TS240

V2 check scannerVision2 currently supports the Digital Check TellerScan TS240 by Digital Check. The scanner is recognized for being simple to operate as well as dependable and high quality.

Check-scanning overview graphic


Ready for easy-breezy check scanning?

Reach out to Vision2 today.


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