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Switching Giving Systems? How to Retain Your Recurring Gifts

Switching Giving Systems? How to Retain Your Recurring Gifts

The #1 fear pastors have about switching giving systems is LOSING RECURRING GIFTS. Is this a legitimate concern?

With most online giving systems, YES! But why?

Losing recurring gifts during an online giving software switch occurs when the new system doesn't have a proven process to migrate those gift schedules. The right giving system can migrate the majority of online givers with little to no involvement on their part 95-98% of the time.  

Why iS sWITCHING considered risky FOR RECURRING GIFTS? 

The actual process of shifting giving data from one system to another isn’t typically risky for a vendor with technical expertise in this area. 

But, depending on the platforms involved, these risks can be real: 

3 Risks of Migrating Recurring Gifts graphic

How are vendors allowed to keep YOur RECURRING giving data? 

This happens when churches unknowingly but contractually agree that by simply making a donation in their church's system, their givers' payment information belongs to the vendor and the giver, not the church and the giver. It's in the fine print!

To share that data with a new vendor, then, would require churches to contact every giver to ask permission for the data to be shared. This would be a nightmare for the church. 

How Can Churches Prevent This Risk to Their RECURRING Giving Data? 

Fortunately, most vendors don't follow this practice.

But it’s critical to read the fine print and know the right questions to ask before signing on with a new giving provider. For this topic, the right question would be "Can I take my giving data with me if I decide to leave?" 

tug of war over data.750x235

What Can Churches Do If They Want to Switch But Their RECURRING Giving Data is Being Held Hostage? 

It's hard to believe this is a tactic used by vendors purporting to serve the church. Legally, there’s nothing you can do about the contract except wait it out/pay it out. But there are workarounds that can soften the blow of this harsh reality and position you for success.  

While continuing to pay out the remainder of their contract, churches can switch to a system with no monthly fees or contracts so as not to lose any more of their data than they may already have, without taking on a second subscription fee. 

It's even better if the no-fee system impacts giving rates in other ways, such as by increasing engagement and reducing gift abandonment. 

It's even better than that if the new system has a "magic" process for retaining your recurring gifts.

NOTE: Not all no-fee systems are created equal!

How does Vision2 Preserve Recurring Gifts During Migration? 

We're committed to achieving 100% satisfaction in each phase of Vision2 implementation, especially with recurring gift migration.  

We believe the involvement of your givers should be minimal and 100% personalized. We provide all the launch communication materials you could need, so your givers are fully informed about the switch.

Here's how it works:

If the vendor shares your data: 

  • All schedules and payment methods are imported and reconnected in a touch-free process  
  • Any unsuccessful schedules are addressed for complete migration with minimal giver involvement required  

If the vendor doesn't share your data: 

  • Our intelligent, personalized email campaign (with a "magic" button) requires minimal giver involvement 
  • Recurring gifts are connected to existing profiles with an unparalleled completion rate of 95-98% 

The beauty is that you’ll be offsetting a very minimal risk with: 

...and so much more! V2 Recurring Giving Migration

Download this shareable 2-page guide on how we preserve your recurring gifts. --> 


V2 Onboarding HighlightsOne last thing: If you’re a Finance Director, your greatest fear may be more about the time and effort required of your team for switching.

<-- Request our 2-page Vision2 Onboarding Highlights guide to see our process, typical timelines, and "magic" button.

Reach out to learn how Vision2 can transform your online AND offline giving management.

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