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Thought Leadership on Church Giving and Financial Stewardship

Digital Church

woman with Bible listening to digital service on computer

1 min read

Digital Church Attendees: Don't Neglect This Growing Group

While we hear dire reports of more and more church closings and "autopsies," (Source) digital church and other trends are on the rise.

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camera filming church service

2 min read

How are You Engaging Your Digital-First Attendees? 

A digital-first guest or member is someone who engages with your church primarily online. They may never have attended your in-person services and...

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girl with green hair looking at phone in train station

4 min read

How Are You Engaging the TikTok Generation? 

People of all ages have become TikTok fans; in fact, 7.1% of users are 50+ (Source). But there’s no doubt that the wildly popular and rapidly...

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