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Thought Leadership on Church Giving and Financial Stewardship

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illustration two hands coming together with 3 pink hearts above them and the word Generosity below them.

3 min read

Vision2 is Inspired by Love and Generosity

Most conversations about online giving for churches start with how to motivate generosity in church members and attendees. At Vision2, ours starts...

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orange detour sign

1 min read

How Most Church Online Giving Platforms Literally Drive Your Givers Away

Online giving can be convenient, but most churches don't realize the potential most solutions have for breaking trust with your givers.

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young black man in office using phone

5 min read

Do You Need a Mobile Church App for Outreach and Member Engagement?

As more and more churches move to online tithing methods, church apps have become a hot topic. Are mobile church apps the answer to engaging members?...

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elderly woman in orange sweater outside texting

6 min read

5 Best Practices for Online Tithing at Your Church

Online tithing helps your congregants more easily follow through on their giving commitments...if you choose a tool that strengthens their connection...

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businesswoman with tablet

7 min read

The Smart Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Church Giving Software

You can make giving convenient and easy for your congregants by selecting church online giving software that answers these 5 questions.

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