By Gina Calvert

If Your Givers Can Text, They Can Text-to-Give!

Each time a giver takes the time to give their tithe or offering to your church is an opportunity to grow your connection with them and draw them into deeper engagement. Text-to-give is the easiest way to do that (while increasing donation amounts).

Why? Because it captures generosity in the moment of inspiration before other concerns crowd in.

Any basic text-to-give platform can process gifts, but the right platform can do much more.

Text Giving Basics

Text giving couldn’t be simpler for churches to set up and for givers to use. Once the church chooses a platform provider, you are given a unique phone number for text gifts, along with an unlimited number of keywords.

Keywords are easy for givers to remember. They can be used to segment and track gifts so you can easily keep up with the specific fund or event your givers are donating to.

Your text giving platform is launched when you promote this new giving method to your givers by providing the texting information. Once the text is initiated, givers are walked through a series of quick prompts.

In minutes, your giver is done! This ease of giving helps produce a sense of satisfaction in the moment, tied to the excitement or compassion of whatever inspired the gift. It also plants a memory of how quickly future gifts can be made, increasing the likelihood that your giver will return to give again.

Vision2’s online giving platform includes text to give.

Can Text Givers Choose a Ministry Designation?

Some text to give platforms offers your givers a choice of ministry designation and some don’t. Vision2 does. You can also track gifts to various funds and campaigns through the use of different keywords, but for recurring gifts, offering ministry options givers can choose from provides greater inspiration and thus, generosity.

Is Text Giving Secure?

If your text to give provider is Level 1 PCI-compliant, you can rest easy knowing your givers’ information and transactions are safe.

To provide a greater sense of security for your givers, choose a text giving platform that allows them to see your church’s branding on the screen and calls them by name. (Some text giving screens present givers only with a phone number and no recognizable signs that they’re giving to your church.)

Learn More about Vision2’s Text-to-Give platform

We think you’ll fall in love with Vision2’s unique approach to text-to-give. Sign up for a demo today and see for yourself!