By Gina Calvert

Personalization: Do you even know my name?

Giving is a very personal decision. Yet, without personalization, givers are often treated impersonally by your church. Nothing conveys a heartfelt thank-you for a donation less than an email from DO NOT REPLY instead of from your church. It’s hard to imagine a colder acknowledgment a church could give.

And yet, it’s a common practice that some churches don’t even realize is occurring until they get a call from a concerned giver wondering if they’ve just been scammed.

It happens when a credit card payment processor handles acknowledgments for gifts made through its system. Church leaders feel helpless to remedy the situation. Their giving software can’t customize thank you emails to givers by name or recognize someone’s first gift—or their 50th.

This personalization isn’t just a luxury … it’s critical for conveying online the same trustworthiness that your members and guests love about their in-person experience with your church. Customization is key.

Customized communication serves to:

  • Ease concerns about security that cause givers to abandon their gift
  • Alleviate givers’ confusion as to whether a gift was received
  • Help givers feel valued and appreciated for their sacrifice

In actuality, church leaders aren’t helpless to fix this serious giving obstacle. [Click here to read more] about personalization and online giving.