By Gina Calvert

Does Your Church Need a Stewardship Role?

In Bible times, a steward was an “overseer” or “manager” of someone else’s business and personal matters. That role was applied in scripture to Christ followers because we are called to steward (manage and care for) whatever God has entrusted us with: Our children, our finances, the Gospel, our earth, our giftings and skills, our time, and so on.

Stewardship is a Spiritual Matter

Stewardship is an individual spiritual matter because it centers around our view of God as sovereign and our trust in him to care for us as we manage all that is in our span of care. That makes stewarding people to grow in this area is a key mission of the church

When individuals fail to grow in this discipline, the Body is impacted, too, both financially and in overall health. So, more and more churches are realizing they can’t leave stewardship to chance. They see the need to practice good stewardship corporately by caring for the members entrusted to them through a focused strategy and some level of dedicated stewardship role and resources. We see that need, too.

But where do we start? We started here:

The 2022 Inaugural Stewardship Survey

Earlier this year, we wondered how churches were approaching this topic. So Vision2 and Christian Stewardship Network (CSN) collaborated on a survey seeking to learn what churches of all sizes are experiencing (and need) in today’s new normal. That new normal includes significantly decreasing attendance and overall share of charitable giving. (Giving USA reports that for the first time, 50% of charitable giving is not going to churches or religious organizations.)

The Results Are In!

You can now access our Building a Next-Gen Stewardship Roadmap initiatives and resources, led by Carl Tierney, CEO and Co-Founder of Vision2 and Leo Sabo, President of Christian Stewardship Network:

  • Preliminary report (raw data)
  • Webinar to discuss preliminary findings and collect additional information
  • Final report (data, findings and recommendations)
  • Podcast to discuss final report and recommendations
  • Resources for webinar and survey FAQs

You’ll learn:

  • How churches are responding to today’s stewardship challenges
  • What is involved in growing stewardship in your church, with or without a dedicated stewardship role
  • Why data is important to assess the health of your church’s generosity
  • How stewardship communications impact the health of the church

…and so much more!