By Gina Calvert

Don’t Let a Vendor Keep You From Switching to a Better Giving Solution

How do you know when it’s time to leave your online giving vendor?

Among other reasons, this one is pretty clear: WHEN THEY WON’T LET YOU.

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Don’t Let a Vendor Keep You From Switching to a Better Giving Solution

It pains us to know that this is a real thing. That some vendors prefer to keep their customers through contracts and data hijacking rather than by providing a great product and service. That your church could find itself in this unenviable position:

–You can’t afford the exorbitant monthly contract fees anymore.

–The back office gift management experience isn’t meeting your needs.

–Customer service is non-existent.

–Your contract’s up and you want to switch, but losing years of giving data seems unthinkable.

–You feel disillusioned that an organization claiming to serve the church binds churches in this way.

Never fear …

Vision2 Can Solve The Switching Dilemma

When you join the Vision2 family, our team does the heavy lifting of creating a powerful, inspiring giving experience for your givers so your team can stay focused on what’s most important. We strive for 100% satisfaction on each phase of implementation, especially with scheduled gifts.

  • You’re never on your own. Our team of specialists is with you every step of the way, including data specialists, finance experts, web and communication professionals, trainers, and analytics experts.
  • We have a proven track record of successful migration of recurring gifts. We know that disrupting your scheduled gifts is a primary concern. So we migrate them with little to no involvement from your givers.Here’s how we do it:
    1. When your previous giving solution will share all data:
      We electronically import all schedules and payment methods and reconnect them for a 100% conversion.
    2. When your previous giving solution won’t share data:​
      Our intelligent, safe and unobtrusive process helps your donors quickly and easily migrate their gifts with one click and only one form field to complete (payment method). We have achieved a 95-98% conversion rate with this method.
  • We even supply launch communication, including sample emails, announcement slides, and a launch week communications checklist.

The Vision2 Promise

Upgrading to a new system seems challenging, but we work hard to make it easy for you. That promise extends throughout our Partnership and is backed by our 98% CSAT score (Customer Satisfaction rating) thus far in 2022.

Know upfront that your data is your data. No matter the reason, if a customer chooses to end their relationship with Vision2, we freely facilitate the return of your data.

Learn what there is to love about the switch to Vision2: Download our 2-page Vision2 Onboarding Highlights.

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