By Gina Calvert

What new features are now included with Vision2?


Vision2 Analytics gives your church leadership team invaluable insights into your giving data so you can reach each member along their own personal giving journey:

  • Enterprise-level Reporting & Analytics
  • Pre-built Dashboard Library
  • Custom Dashboard Builder
  • Trends and Projections
  • Bespoke Data Warehouse
  • Comprehensive Sharing

Vision2 is uniquely qualified to do this because we are the only platform with a comprehensive view of your historical giving data, regardless of source (prior Church Management System, Accounting systems, Cash, Check, In-Kind, Credit Card, etc.)


Vision2’s exclusive Auto-Reconcile provides for an effortless back office with fully automated accounting and reconciliation with your bank:

  • Files are automatically generated and ready for you to load into your accounting system
  • Credit Card, ACH and Check files are automatically reconciled to your bank deposits and matched to the penny<
  • Non-deposit accounting entries are conveniently grouped as new online revenue, offline revenue and changes
  • Design your ledger files to output the format you need


Enhanced integration with Ministry Platform adds additional time-saving features to our already best-in-class partnership:

  • Syncs campaigns and pledge campaigns, goals and pledges, and all campaign-related giving
  • Keeps mission trips, trip participants, fundraising goals, and trip-related giving in sync

We’re truly excited to share these exciting new features at NO ADDITIONAL COST to our platform which has no contract, no monthly fees, and no giving limits of any kind.

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