By Gina Calvert

The Impact of Putting Imagery on Your Giving Form

You know a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why every sermon starts with a picture or a story. It’s why you use giving images on your website and announcement screens. But not every giving solution allows you to easily embed images and fund details right in your giving form and acknowledgments.

Only Vision2 giving solution does! We understand that today’s givers don’t give out of obligation any more. They give where they have passion or empathy and can know the impact of their gifts. That’s why we created “Give Stories” in our giving pages. You have to see them to see how they can seriously impact generosity. Especially for new givers who don’t know your church well.

See Vision2 “Give Stories” here and here.

At the first link above, you can see a dynamic, media-rich giving opportunity (that keeps givers on your site), including compelling image, the story behind the fund, progress bar, and impact statement (what the giver’s gift amount provides). The second link provides a gallery of Give Stories to inspire your givers. No other giving solution for churches offers this level of engagement.

Reach out to Vision2 to learn how easy it is to bring your ministries to life on your giving form. And to get YOU inspired…


BONUS: 70+ Free Giving Images for Your Giving Messages

When you need images for your screens, website and app, finding the right ones can be incredibly time-consuming.

You’re in luck! Below you’ll find 70 free curated tithes and offering images suitable for web pages, screens and messages, organized in categories. They’re totally free for you to use anywhere you need a high-quality picture or video. (Of course, for your Give Stories, you may want to use your own original imagery.)

[Note that while all of the images below are free, some free image sites may require you to create an account, set a monthly limit, or intersperse paid stock images with the complimentary ones.]



Banish boring backgrounds! Instead of specific tithes and offering images, try using a compelling backdrop for your custom giving messages … or any other theme.




For more great options for your tithes and offering images, check out these free photo sites:

  1. Gratisography
  2. Morguefile
  3. Pexels
  4. Picjumbo
  5. Pikwizard
  6. Pixabay
  7. Rawpixel
  8. Reshot
  9. Stockvault
  10. Unsplash

Spice up your website, screens and your Vision2 Give Stories page and customized gift confirmation emails with free video clips.