By Gina Calvert

Get More Than Giving Software “Support”…Gain a Partner

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In many circles, “support” has come to mean leaving a voicemail and hearing excuses when you have a problem. It’s so common that companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. And after one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again (Source).

Sadly, it happens in the church software world, too.

Vision2 Reimagined Giving Software Support

Vision2 developed a unique team of experts that is accessible and knowledgeable … but so much more. To begin with, our team works constantly in the background to ensure your gift processing and contribution management are running smoothly, even before you see a need to contact them. We monitor every gift from start to finish.

Beyond that, however, our experts in accounting, design and content (for your giving pages) and, of course, technical aspects of our giving software, are at your fingertips throughout the week with any advice, guidance or answer you may need. We really do take on the heavy lifting!

Vision2: A Full-service Extension of your Team

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Vision2’s Managed Services team are rockstars,” says Laila Vanderpool, CFO of 7-campus Life Church. “I instant-message them all the time at various hours throughout the day. They’re so quick to jump on stuff and solve it for me, or provide me with documentation as a reference.”

“In the beginning, we spoke daily, but now it’s maybe just twice a month. It’s easy to convey what they show me to our team and, when necessary in the early days, they’ve connected me with a professional accountant in their network.”

As extensions of your finance team, our Managed Services team’s expertise goes beyond just the technology; they will do as much of the heavy lifting as you need.

We aim to be your Partner, not just a giving software support call. Find out more with a quick Vision2 demo.

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