By Gina Calvert

How Central Church Helps Feed Las Vegas Residents During the Pandemic

We’re proud to partner with churches. They work tirelessly behind the scenes on any given day, yet they’re among the first to show up on the frontlines of their cities during a crisis. We’d like to highlight a creative way our church partner, Central Church, is serving in both ways during the pandemic.

Locking Arms in the Community

Central Church’s Las Vegas campus is a part of Hope for the City, a collective group of Las Vegas-based residents, businesses and nonprofits who work together to feed those in need. With the COVID-19 economic lockdown, Hope for the City has been overwhelmed with the increase in families needing help. At every food pantry site, miles of cars are lining up each day with thousands of people seeking much-needed meals and household supplies.

In response, the nonprofit is hosting a live fundraising broadcast called A Night of Hope on Saturday, May 9th (details below).

Central Church’s Las Vegas campus (Summerlin) is no stranger to shining the light of hope into dark situations, as they did following the 2017 Las Vegas tragedy. As ongoing partners with Hope for the City, they’ve demonstrated that churches can often accomplish more – especially during a crisis – when they work with established nonprofits already focused on and ready to serve specific needs.

It’s another reminder of the classic T.E.A.M. acronym: Together Each Accomplishes More.

Promoting the Shared Goal

Promotion is another way Central Church helps. They’ve added the Hope for the City event to the top of their home page. They’ve also included the nonprofit on their giving page, using Vision2’s unique ministry description feature to highlight the opportunity and collect donations earmarked for food for Las Vegas residents.

Adding the ministry need to their church’s giving page helps spread awareness of the initiative as well as making it easy for their members and visitors to participate.

Here’s the Giving page for Central Church’s Summerlin campus. Using Vision2, they can include descriptive images and text which help inspire prospective givers to make a commitment.

The Power of Partnerships

In addition to providing boots-on-the-ground assistance, working in conjunction with other charitable organizations introduces the church to a community in practical, positive and life-changing ways. That may be the only kind of “church” some people will ever encounter.

Join A Night of Hope

Hope for the City’s star-studded online fundraising broadcast will be hosted by Giuliana Rancic of E!News and Chris Harrison of ABC’s The Bachelor. It will feature an impressive line-up of musical performances and guest appearances.

Please consider donating, sharing the event with your social networks, and tuning in to enjoy the show and learn more about this nonprofit.

Visit Hope for the City now.

We especially encourage you to consider how creative community partnerships may increase your reach and effectiveness in serving.