By Gina Calvert

How Church I.T. Directors Can Be the Hero of Their Finance Team

Church I.T. directors work hard to keep their church’s computer network operating at peak performance. But sometimes the burden of doing the same for your finance team’s various software solutions also falls to you.

Your team sees you as a miracle-worker but even you can’t solve the challenges of non-integrated solutions that can’t do what the team needs.

If you’ve been tasked with evaluating different giving solutions, we’d like to share 4 ways Vision2 is perfect not just for the finance team, but for YOU, the church I.T. director.

Vision2: Best for IT Directors


1. Church I.T. Directors Don’t Have to Manage Implementation

We’ll start with implementation because A) that’s where it all begins and B) with some systems and teams, a lot of the work of switching solutions seems to fall to the church I.T. director.

With Vision2, the only comprehensive giving and stewardship solution for churches, you can practically sit this one out. You’re off the hook. There’s no customizing the back end or configuring the new user interface. And forget about tedious data conversion.

Why? Because online giving is complex behind the scenes. And we know the only way to make it simple for users is to do the complex things ourselves. So our implementation team does all the heavy lifting to make switching software as seamless as possible.

2. We Created Single Sign-on for I.T. Directors

Multiple sign-on for the finance team isn’t just inconvenient for staff, it comes with security risks. Our SSO authorization provides centralized control of user access. You can easily enforce policies for secure passwords for all your systems. (And your members and givers can use their current login to either Vision2 or your ChMS to access either system!)

3. We Integrate and Automate the Finance Back Office

A huge challenge for church finance teams is working with different software solutions that don’t integrate seamlessly. How do they get data from the giving solution to the ChMS (and back)? How much work is it for the finance team to reconcile transactions? How does giving data make its way to the accounting solution? Typically these are dreaded, laborious processes, and when they get stuck, who do they call?

Even worse, many systems consist of cobbled-together solutions that don’t have native integrations, which puts financial data at risk. Vision2 streamlined and automated secure integrations by creating:

  • Real-time, bidirectional data sync with your ChMS, which keeps both systems securely updated
  • Transactional data that maps directly to your accounting system, which cuts reconciliation time in half

These are game changers for the finance team … and thus, for you. The finance team also gets help in a variety of other ways, such as:

  • Automated offline gift processing
  • Auto reconciliation
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for financial reporting on all transactions and an unalterable audit trail (to protect staff and the church from errors and fraud)
  • Self-service portal for givers, with access to statements and ability to set up and manage recurring schedules
  • Comprehensive Statement Generator that covers every giving detail
  • Customized and personalized gift acknowledgments
  • Automated response emails triggered by specified giver behavior
  • Unlimited free training and licenses (Vision2 even sends an automatic offer of training when new users are detected)

4. We are an extension of the finance team

Best of all for I.T. directors, as we’ve mentioned several times, if the finance team has questions about any of Vision2’s processes, they don’t call I.T. They call us.

If they want changes to content on their giving page or more GIVE buttons on the church’s website or social media, it’s so easy they can do it without your help. But if for some reason they can’t, they call us.

We automate all transactions to the penny every day, but if anything ever looks amiss, they don’t call you, they call us

How does that make you the hero? Because when you recommend Vision2’s open, best-in-class system with native integrations to the major ChMS and accounting platforms, you’ve seriously simplified giving and stewardship management for them.

When you introduce them to Vision2, you’re the one they’ll thank!

Have questions? Send us a message. We’d love to chat.