By Gina Calvert

How Most Church Online Giving Platforms Drive Givers Away

While most givers admit that online giving can be convenient, church donation software providers don’t always speak openly about the inherent challenges of the practice. Top of the list? Lack of TRUST. Many of your givers are wary of online transactions.

This fear doesn’t seem to stop people from banking and shopping online, but with more and more headlines about yet another security breach, today’s consumers are without a doubt on edge when sharing their private information online. Imagine what being whisked away to another organization’s site to complete their gift feels like to them.

Studies show that the #1 reason 83% of gifts started on charitable websites are not completed is because most church online giving experiences literally push them away from your site. Givers are confused and alarmed right out of finishing their gift.

The impact of this trust-busting feature is greater than simply lost gifts. It limits generosity in untold ways and even extends to your church’s:

  • Brand/Reputation
  • Opportunities to instill positive feelings about your church
  • Ability to inspire greater participation in ministry (beyond financial contributions)

Ask your church’s online giving provider to remove this feature and you’ll be told it’s impossible. Wrong! Learn why (and how) to easily fix this major giving obstacle in Part 1 of our series “The Deadly Sins of Online Giving.”