By Gina Calvert

How well do you know those who give the least?

Your non-givers have been famously dubbed the “80%,” based on the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule. This so-called 80% supposedly gives only 20% of your church’s total giving.

That 80/20 rule is a problem for us.

As a team with deep experience in the church, we know … as you do … that your givers and “nongivers” don’t fall into the tidy groups the 80/20 rule might lead you to believe in. In fact, the rule could lead you to make assumptions that bring about the opposite results you’re aiming for as you try to encourage greater generosity.

For example, even asking the question “How do I motivate my 80% to give more?” reveals a subtle disrespect for your “non”-givers … and shows that you don’t really know them. (Even if they hang back initially, your members and guests connect to your church, ultimately, in order to be known.)

Giving isn’t a passive activity. But many churches unknowingly respond passively to online givers when they don’t take advantage of its potential for strengthening their bond with givers.

You could be unknowingly hindering your 80%’s generosity—and missing the perfect chance to connect with them—because of the 80/20 rule.

Are you ready to challenge your assumptions about:

  1. Who they are?
  2. Why they don’t give?
  3. Which group of givers has the greatest wealth?
  4. What givers need in an online giving experience?
  5. How your current giving experience is actually treating them?

80/20 comparisons are a thief in your ongoing mission to grow the spirit of giving in your church. How much do you know about your so-called 80%? [Read more]

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