By Gina Calvert

Imagine if Growing Generosity was as Easy as…

Does growing generosity feel hard? If so, close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and imagine “Easy.” Ahhhh.

Let your mind wander through the moments, gadgets, or tasks you’ve experienced today that went just as they should have or as you wanted them to. There are far more than you realized at the time because we tend to take “easy” for granted.

Let’s go deeper. Imagine something you’re good at that others seem to struggle with. Maybe math is easy for you, or simplifying complex ideas. Painting, teaching, fixing cars? What comes easy for you?

Now, picture the possibility that growing generosity in your church could be that easy simply because you clearly understand how to grow generosity in an individual.

Giving is Emotional and Overwhelming

You can’t do much about the economy, the cost of living or unexpected bills. But there are things and behaviors you can influence.

You see, giving away money is an emotional act that can easily trigger FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in your members (in much the same way imagining “easy” may have conjured up many difficult scenarios for you.) And your well-meaning encouragement to give to the church can unintentionally add guilt on top of those feelings.

What if there was a tangible way you could take the negative emotions out of the picture, remove the barriers to getting started, and start thinking of growing generosity the way you’d develop any skill or habit…by breaking it into smaller chunks?

How Central Church Turns Givers into Rockstars

Our church partner Central Church uses the principles of micro-productivity to grow what they call Generosity Rockstars.

Micro-productivity is simply breaking a larger project down into smaller to-dos or incremental steps that are not intimidating. We all use this technique with our children, students, employees and ourselves to remove the overwhelming prospect of a big task and accomplish more than seems possible at first.

What Is a Generosity Rockstar?

Central defines a Generosity Rockstar as “someone who loves God and Central and commits to give generously to God through Central. The best and easiest way to become a Generosity Rockstar is to give weekly through an online, recurring, or scheduled donation.” They suggest $20/week to start but even $1/week qualifies. Rockstars receive a special coin as a reminder of their commitment.

It’s not at all about how much the church receives. The program is designed to motivate givers to take the first step toward:

  • Learning to trust God with their finances
  • Experiencing the blessings the Bible promises when we live out a life of generosity
  • Eventually becoming a tither

It also helps that Central uses Vision2 Online Giving, which is the only platform for churches that makes online giving easy by removing the top 5 barriers that cause givers to drop off before completing their gifts.

Free Giving Experience Audit

Did you know that 83% of the people who visit your website LEAVE without making a donation?

Our team will review your church’s online giving experience against 60 of the most common obstacles that get in the way of a giver’s generosity.

We will then send you a detailed set of recommendations that will help you to reach your true giving potential.

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