By Gina Calvert

Imagine, just for a moment, if your church had unlimited resources

Take a moment, wherever you’re reading this, and pursue your imagination … dream a little … it’s completely normal for kids, so why can’t adults do it too?

Imagine, just for a moment, if your church had unlimited resources … that your proverbial cup was overflowing.

What would you do first? Where would you allocate the money? Who needs your help the most? How could you best help your community, city and beyond?

Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine the limitless possibilities. I’ll wait here for you.

That was nice. It’s good to dream and imagine. It activates your brain and encourages your soul. You need to do this exercise regularly to see beyond the immediate pressures of the day. You might surprise yourself by coming up with new solutions for old problems.

Definition of Insanity: Expecting a Give Button to Increase Giving

Your church may not achieve unlimited resources, but you can certainly have more funds by simply questioning the status quo. As they say, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Take online giving as an example. Your giving provider says, “Place our ‘Give’ button on your church website and we’ll take care of the rest.”

And it just works … or does it?

Yes, a few more people may have signed up to give online but has the total amount given to the church actually increased?

Surprisingly, no one really stopped to question the effectiveness of the “Give” button … until now.

Where does your Give button take potential givers?

When a potential giver clicks on your GIVE button are they whisked away to another organization’s website to complete their gift? Surely the giver wonders … Where am I? Should I trust this new site?

Being asked to enter their payment information on an unfamiliar site creates doubt about the security of their transaction, erodes trust, and creates friction in a process that is already fraught with emotion. No online shopping site could be successful with this tactic.

Yet this is exactly what many churches do every day, and they’re collectively losing millions of dollars in gifts. Imagine the good the Church could do with all of those extra resources!

A 23% Increase in Giving is a Reality, Not a Dream

Studies show that 83% of the people who visit their website left without making a donation. But why?

Vision2 studied the world’s most successful non-profit organizations and found 5 key reasons givers abandon their gift. We then incorporated best practice solutions for each one into our Online Giving platform built specifically for churches.

Vision2 provides an entirely new solution to an old problem, that actually delivers measurable results (an anything but average 23% increase in overall gifts). Plus we do so with no contract, no monthly fees, and no limits on giving. Imagine what you could do with all of those extra funds.

Free Giving Experience Audit

Did you know that 83% of the people who visit your website LEAVE without making a donation?

Our team will review your church’s online giving experience against 20 of the most common obstacles that get in the way of a giver’s generosity.

We will then send you a detailed set of recommendations that will help you to reach your true giving potential.

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