The Insanity of “Speed Dating” Your Givers

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This is part 3 of 10 in a series called INSANITY: 10 Crazy Things Churches Do That Hinder Online Giving. When it comes to online giving, we’ve identified 10 ways your expectations don’t line up with most online giving vendors’ practices and platforms.

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Ever heard of speed dating, where singles meet a large number of potential dates very quickly? Its 4% success rate reflects that 3 minutes isn’t usually long enough to even get a relationship started, let alone establish something lasting.

Likewise, when it comes to online giving, insanity is requiring givers to make a commitment by creating an ACCOUNT before completing a gift and expecting giving to increase.

How Giving is Like Dating

The first time someone attempts to give on your website is a lot like a “speed date”. They’re interested and hopeful (or they wouldn’t be there), yet they’re also on the alert for red flags that could indicate a poor fit for a long-term relationship. 

Right away, most online giving experiences break a cardinal rule of dating: Moving too fast. They don’t just ASK, they REQUIRE your giver to create an account, turning something promising into pressure. Givers may be ready to give, but not sure if they’re ready to trust all their personal information to your church just yet. What if the church starts blowing up their phone or inbox with too many messages?

If they think there’s potential for a relationship, they may proceed. In dating terms, they share their “story.” They give their information and gift, hoping for the best.


In response to their openness, a second dating no-no occurs in the giving experience: Ghosting or communicating through the best friend. They gave to the church, but they didn’t hear back from the church. Instead, they get a form email from someone they don’t know, who doesn’t seem to know them either, instead of from the church. Talk about mixed messages! How can you not know them? They just gave up all their information!

It’s these kinds of conflicting signals that cause online daters to “swipe left” (sorry… not interested) … and online givers to abandon their gifts. Requiring an account and sending impersonal thank you emails are just two of the top most-cited reasons given for abandoning a gift before completion, which happens on charitable websites at a rate of 83%!

The Vision2 Difference

There’s a simple fix that is surprisingly absent from most church online giving platforms: Guest Checkout.

We included guest checkout in our online giving platform to help turn that first tentative “date” into a long-term relationship because:

  • 23% of abandoned gifts happen because many givers don’t want to create an account.
  • There’s a 10-30% increase in giving when guest checkout is available.
  • 19% of people can’t remember their password but will give anyway if guest checkout is prominently available.

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