By Gina Calvert

Is your website causing givers to slam on their brakes?

A church’s website giving experience is a journey that visitors must navigate. If there’s anything annoying (typically called “friction”), it’s not a good experience for them.

Friction is good when you apply your car’s brakes and your tires grip the road and stop the vehicle. If it’s raining, friction, and thus traction are reduced. Your car may slip, slide and … not stop.

The natural effect of friction is to bring things—relationships, mechanical processes and even online giving experiences—to a grinding halt.

It’s easier than you can imagine to stop givers in their tracks, whether it’s their:

  • Pre-existing concerns about online security and privacy
  • Concerns about their budget
  • Questions about where they can have the greatest impact
  • Doubts about your church
  • Skill level with technology
  • Particular level of tolerance for hassles in the giving experience

…and any number of other unique obstacles to giving they may have.

You can’t know what will tip the scale for each giver in favor of abandoning their gift.

But you can remove many of the points of friction that result in them tapping their brakes. Don’t you want to make sure none of the friction is on your end? [Read the rest of the article]