By Gina Calvert

No One Chooses a Church By Its Giving Software

Churches grow because of their impact on lives, not because of their giving software. Ministry leaders and believers serve, support, encourage, educate, and change lives on the front lines, while various programs and software support that work on the back end.

At least that’s how it should be.

We know that no online giving software is ever going to be the reason someone joins your church. So we asked ourselves what role a giving solution can really play in helping you grow generosity and have a greater impact?

And are there other ways it can help you?

We have a few ideas about that. But the crazy thing is that virtually every church giving solution, even those from the largest credit card processors and giving software providers, shares a trait:

They claim to make your 80% more generous while simultaneously causing up to 83% of givers to put the brakes on gifts they’ve already started.

It seems like a good starting point would be giving software that grows generosity simply by not hindering generosity.

That’s something, but if that’s all it does, it doesn’t seem very helpful to us.

And what about giving platform providers that pile artificial limitations, unnecessary charges and restrictive policies on the church? How do these things help the church have a bigger impact in their work?

Tools offer valuable benefits to churches, but we still believe their purpose is to make ministry leaders’ and staff members’ lives and jobs a lot easier … not make their work more frustrating while actually driving givers away from their platform. [Read more]

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