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Connecting With Your Supporters

Meaningful Communications - Giving is a very personal decision. Vision2 allows you to fully customize and personalize your communication to your donors to build trust and ensures they feel like a valued supporter of your cause, not a customer.

Elevate Generosity With Vision2


Turnkey templates, customizable by fund or campaign, for creating personalized emails and acknowledgments to encourage and inspire future generosity. All communications are sent from your domain to establish trust with donors.

Campaign Reporting

Aggregates multiple response devices into a single, coordinated campaign.  Also tracks white mail for a complete income picture. 


Engage donors through triggered communications on first and last gifts, recurring gifts, expiring credit cards, returned payments, and more.


Across donor profiles, set up custom messages for different outreach opportunities and giving patterns. Communicate to your donors with the right message at the right time in their support of your cause.


Minimizes interruption of recurring gifts through alerts to your staff and the donor in advance of card or recurring gift expiration, returned payments, or general declines on recurring gifts.


Tracking and back-end premium fulfillment to support your direct marketing efforts, leaving more time for your team's mission-oriented and fundraising work.