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  Online Giving  

Features to inspire generosity

Engaging Donors - Vision2 solves your giving challenges through a media-rich giving experience that demonstrates the impact and provides the personalized engagement today’s donors expect.

Elevate Generosity With Vision2

Impactful Giving

Today’s donors want to see the impact of their generosity.

With Vision2, you can educate and motivate donors with a media-rich giving experience that engages and conveys the IMPACT of their gifts.


Customized Acknowledgments

Personalize every email and thank you with the donor’s name and prior giving details. Include photos, videos, and custom content as well as ways to give more, volunteer, or stay informed.


Your Trusted Branding

Online giving forms are placed on your website so Vision2 can operate invisibly. Donors see only your messaging and branding, not that of third-party websites, which can lead to gift abandonment.

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Flexible Giving Experience

Vision2 accepts bank accounts (ACH), checks, credit/debit cards, stock gifts, and conduit gifts with no limits on gift size. Supports single or scheduled gifts to one or many funds.

Enables guest giving without an account while automatically matching the gift(s) to the correct person if they create an account in the future.


Robust Self Service

The self-service portal allows donors to create their profile, manage their information, view household online/offline giving history, print IRS-compliant tax statements, and much more!

Supporting Features

Bidirectional Sync
to CRM

Donor profiles and giving history are fully synced, in both directions and in real-time, between Vision2 and popular secular CRM products like Microsoft Dynamic's Fundraising & Engagement and HubSpot


Donors receive automated reminders for returned payments, invalid payment methods, and expiring recurring gifts or credit cards. The organization receives outreach schedules for gifts closed by donors or invalid payment methods.


Rich imagery and video further engagement by enabling you to easily customize fund descriptions and include links to other resources, more details about the program, or a video from the Executive Director.

Versatile Donor Forms

Increase gift size with pre-populated donation forms including: pre-determined schedules, campaign-specific amounts, or giving history. Accepts/ processes/ manages non-gift payments (i.e. events). Option to cover transaction fees increases gift impact.

Pledge /
Campaign Goals

Encourages timely and generous giving as members can view and track their progress against a pledge and/or campaign goal.


Best-in-class event management with  Eventbrite furthers donor involvement to increase support for your cause.