By Gina Calvert

How to Nurture Generosity in the New Digital World

This is the first is a series of 6 posts on how to nurture generosity in the digital age.

The once implausible concept of the digital church became an overnight reality in 2020. The pandemic forced us to learn new ways to nurture our human connections while maintaining a safe social distance.

Some churches white-knuckled through. They posted sermon videos online and held their breath until things could return to normal. But those churches that invested in ensuring that their digital interactions were personal and engaging saw something different. Whether through their worship, social media, teaching or giving, they saw far more impact than they could have imagined before COVID. They not only maintained member engagement, they reached a broader audience.

So, as these churches reopen or plan for in-person gatherings, they aren’t simply facilitating a return to “normal.” They know the digital world is here to stay. They know that going forward, digital connections will play an important role in connecting people to their next steps in their relationship with Jesus Christ and the church.

Vision2 Webinar: Nimble Engagement for Tomorrow’s Normal

They’re leveraging the momentum and opportunities that a year of fully digital church opened up in the areas of worship, engagement, outreach, discipleship, and even in growing generosity.

Reimagining Digital Giving: How to “Grow” Generosity

“Growing” generosity is discipling givers to mature in their financial engagement with the church.

Leaders know that generosity grows out of an abundance of love and trust in our heavenly Father. That leads to the awareness that giving is an act of worship, a spiritual discipline God uses to bless those who trust him with their resources.

You don’t achieve this powerful result simply by offering online giving. By themselves, digital tools aren’t enough. They don’t help givers experience the life-changing message that they’re sharing the blessings of the “abundant life” of Jesus, banding together with other believers to grow the kingdom of heaven. A give button doesn’t automatically convey the impact their giving has in their community or connect them to that community.

Instead, relationships are the foundation for any success in church growth strategy. Digital connections can and do play an important role in establishing and nurturing strong ties. How? Digital tools now enable leaders to understand where each giver is in this maturing process and communicate with them personally.

Can we use technology to facilitate giving? Yes. Can technology help convey God’s promise that it’s “more blessed to give than to receive”? We believe it can, when leaders use it to know their “audience” in order to spark interest and engagement.

The Key: The Personal Touch

Relationships are the foundation for any success in church growth strategy. But the personal touch at scale is not an easy thing to accomplish. In-touch leaders know that technology and digital connections can – and must – be leveraged properly.

In our next blogpost in this series, Personalization: The Secret of Giver Connection, we’ll discuss the second important thing to know: How churches can find the proper balance with digital tools.

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