By Gina Calvert

Old Guard or New Kids on the Block: Which is Best for Online Giving Technology?

It’s likely that answers to this question would be spread in statistically unsurprising ways across the bell curve of technology adoption. After all, “Best” is often in the eye of the beholder. So let’s start there.

The Product Adoption Curve

If you’re not familiar with the technology adoption chart, this version illustrates it well.

Where do you see yourself on this curve, when it comes to your devices, the Cloud, software, and all other things technical?

Still primarily depending on landlines? You’re a Laggard. First in line for the world’s first folding glass phone? You’re an Innovator. (BTW, we’re not hating on ANYONE on this spectrum! It is what it is.)

As you can see, the Early Majority describes the largest group. In contrast to those on the left, they look longer and harder at the brand, cost, ROI, peer reviews, and their specific needs before deciding.

But in contrast to those on the right, they may also be more likely to factor in the cost of indecision or delay. So in some ways, the middle of the curve is the best of both worlds.

Old Guard or New Kids on the Block?

Now that we’ve explored technology adopters, let’s take a look at their choices in a very simplified spectrum of technology creators in the online giving space.

Those on the right of the technology adoption curve tend to stick with the Old Guard (the solution you or your peers have used for years). Innovators may be drawn to the coolness factor of the New Kids on the Block.

But are these the best or only approaches to choosing church giving software … especially when the stakeholders in the buying decision within each church probably span the entire technology adoption curve?

Here’s the thing: The Old Guard has faithfully served the church, but may not have kept up with innovation that addresses new giving norms or created robust tools for managing the back office (like automation and integration with your accounting and ChMS systems). They may tack on new features, but what is at the core?

On the other hand, the New Kids may have shiny, new, simple interfaces, but they may be built according to simplistic or traditional infrastructures. Some have been bought by other vendors, which can limit your options.

What’s the best answer?

How About the Best of Both Worlds?

As with any set of extremes, the best place to land is usually where (no matter your adoption style) you can take advantage of the benefits of both sides…

  • A product built for churches by believers who understand church finance at a large scale.
  • A company that’s been faithfully serving churches for years.
  • A team that addresses the nature of giving today with unique, data-backed features.
  • A developer that makes the significant investment required to solve real challenges churches face.
  • A vendor that’s still independent.
  • Software that integrates with all major ChMS systems AND your accounting system.
  • A comprehensive,robust solution that is continually innovating, yet simplifies the complexities of gift management and accounting.

That “best of both worlds” giving solution is Vision2.

We invite you to explore our best-of-both-world similarities and differences. Reach out to us directly in the form below..