What does Pushpay's Contract Really Say?

And how well does Pushpay stack up to Vision2?

Did you know that every one of YOUR GIVERS must consent to a 19-page, 9,500-word binding legal agreement with Pushpay simply so they can give to your church?

Other SURPRISING things in the contract are:

  • Pushpay is under no obligation to correct or reverse a payment for a giver.
  • Your givers must consent that ANY posts to their PERSONAL social media accounts which reference Pushpay's service may be used for marketing purposes.
  • Your givers must authorize Pushpay to obtain a credit report.

Plus 10 MORE CLAUSES in the Pushpay contract that your church, and your givers, may be unaware of.

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Comparing Vision2 to Pushpay

Sure... we admit that we're a little biased ;-) But we believe this is a fair comparison that shows how VERY DIFFERENT our approach to church-centric online giving is from traditional credit card processors.


About the Company

Vision2 Systems is a privately held company based in Dallas, Texas which provides a comprehensive giving platform for effective stewardship that helps churches connect with their congregation in the same engaging, welcoming way they would in person.

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Pushpay Holdings Limited is a payment processor, publicly listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, that facilitates transactions between individuals and organizations in the faith, non-profit, and education sectors.

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Gifts Completed on Church Website

With Vision2's patented technology, online giving forms are placed directly within your church website so givers stay on your site, with your messaging and branding, to complete their gift. Sending potential givers away from your website to a third-party website can scare potential givers away.

Pushpay literally pushes your potential givers away from your church website to a separate Pushpay hosted site, which can confuse and scare potential givers away before they complete their gift.

See the Gift's Impact

With Pushpay, your giver is presented a simple text-only drop-down list of ministry funds, which makes it impossible for a giver to understand the impact of their gift, often causing them to look elsewhere for worthy causes to donate to.

Vision2 allows you to include images and robust descriptions for every giving opportunity so potential givers can truly understand the IMPACT their gifts will make. You will see at least a 20% increase in donations when you visually demonstrate how givers' hard-earned dollars are being used in ministry.

Account NotRequired

On the Pushpay branded account login page there is link for "Need help?" which will display a popup with a list of options. One of the options is for Guest Checkout. Clicking on that will take you to another different website to complete your gift as a guest.

New givers may want to donate to a ministry opportunity but not be ready to create an account. Vision2 supports the processing and recording of the gift without an account, and will auto-match the gift(s) to the correct person, should they choose to create an account in the future.

Emails Sent from the Church

Your givers receive an impersonal, templated reply from Pushpay with a “Do Not Reply” email address and Pushpay's legalese and logo.

All emails sent by Vision2 come from your church domain. This helps to establish trust with your potential givers.

No Limit to
Gift Amount

Pushpay puts a limit on the size of donations they will process for your church. The limits vary by church but are typically no more than $15K.

You would never turn away a large donation, would you? No gift is too large for Vision2 to handle on your behalf.

No Vendor Logos or Legalese

Pushpay giving forms are hosted on a Pushpay-branded URL with the Pushpay logo and Pushpay legal language (Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Help, etc.), which can confuse and scare potential givers away before they complete their gift.

Vision2 operates invisibly to your givers. Your potential givers will ONLY see your church branding and messaging. They will NEVER see the Vision2 logo, branding, or legal language on your website or giving forms.

Pledge / Campaign Goals

Pushpay does not allow a giver to track or view progress against giving goals.

Vision2 allows each member to view and track their progress against a pledge and/or campaign goal, which encourages timely and generous giving.


Pushpay's solution is "text-to-web", meaning it's just a link to the mobile website. There is no church branding in the header to assure givers their text gift is going to their church. Actually, the text prompt says the gift is going to Pushpay. And there is no ability to select a ministry designation.

Vision2's Text-to-Give is a pure SMS texting solution with the exact same capabilities as our web-based and mobile giving options. This includes multi-site/campus and pledge campaigns, all in a simple, conversational-style text exchange that features your church's branding at the top of screen and addresses your giver by name.

Self Service on Church Website

All branding and policies are Pushpay’s. Givers are considered Pushpay customers and if they need help, must resolve any issues directly through Pushpay. Givers are redirected to

Your givers can optionally create an account profile right on your church website, where they can manage their contact information, enter one or more payment methods, view giving history, and much more.

No Contracts

Pushpay requires an onerous 3 to 5-year contract that locks the church into a binding relationship regardless of performance. If their giving solution is so good why do they require a binding contract?

Churches don’t have to make a long-term commitment with Vision2 before they know what they’re getting into. We aim to keep our relationships through extraordinary software and exceptional customer service, not fine print.

No Monthly Fees

Pushpay monthly fees start at $199 and can increase to more than $7,000 a month ($84k+ per year) depending on the size of your church or ministry.

Because your church relies on donations to exist and do its work, Vision2 is committed to helping you keep more of your gifts.

No Limits on Ownership of Data

Your church giving data is contractually owned by PushPay and will not be transferred to your future giving provider upon termination.

Your data is your data. We do not view the decision to switch software as a chance to coerce a final fee out of churches. No matter the reason, if a customer chooses to end their relationship with Vision2, we freely facilitate the return of their data.

*Based on publicly available information

Choosing a Church Giving Platform

Selecting the best online giving software for your church is one 

of the most important decisions you will make for your future growth.

After all... 

the MORE RESOURCES your church has 

the MORE IMPACT your church can have 

in your local community.

Unfortunately, the selection process can be time-consuming, 

confusing, frustrating and, all-around exasperating.

Every software company claims to have the "best" giving solution
but you don't need another long checklist of features. 

What you need to see are the KEY DIFFERENCES in their approach.

How do they treat your givers... like YOUR congregation or THEIR customers?

How do they work on your behalf... for FREE or for a FEE?