By Gina Calvert

Our Most Popular Posts of 2021

It’s always interesting to look back at popular posts and trending topics and see what was on folks’ minds. Here’s what our web visitors gravitated toward last year:

Pandemic-related topics

No surprises there. It was a big thing on all our minds. Our most-visited blogpost of the year was How Churches Can Apply for Coronavirus Disaster Loan Assistance. Hopefully, many churches were able to secure federal assistance during the early days of the pandemic.

Related: Just outside our Top 10, at number 11, was this post: Pandemic Quadruples Saddleback Church Online Attendance. With new strains and surges capturing our attention in 2022, we can all stand a little bit of encouragement. As we once again face social distancing, read Pastor Rick Warren’s thoughts about the pandemic’s similarity to the very first Easter and how social distancing has never stopped the church.

A Ministry-First Approach to Generosity

Amidst all the talk about using giving data to grow generosity, some church boards put on the brakes. We’ve all seen the misuse and monetization of our personal data in eCommerce, and no one wants that. But giving to a church is a surprisingly accurate indicator of changes in peoples’ lives and an opportunity to stay better connected. Our Ministry-First Approach to Generosity guide details the ethical use of giving history data (and more specifically, changes in patterns) to SERVE givers better, not to hound them to give more.

Nurturing Generosity in a New Digital World

This post was one of a series of 6 that demonstrate how churches can classify givers to personalize their messaging. Each post covers a different giver “type.”

Digital Resources: Images and Videos

Today’s church-goers are very visual. So churches gravitated to our two blogposts curating free sources of both images and videos: Free Tithes and Offering Images for Your Church Giving Messages and Free Tithes and Offering Video Clips.

Bible Verse Collections

We love that people are searching for Bible verses to meet their personal needs and answer their questions. The following appeared in our top 10 posts:

5 Deadly Sins of Online Giving

This post covers the top 5 hidden barriers in most online giving platforms that cause the dismal 83% gift abandonment rate on charitable websites. It also includes the easy fixes. Check out 5 Deadly Sins of Online Giving and if it gives you pause, take advantage of our free and easy Giving Experience Audit to see how your current platform compares.

Merchant Services and Fees

The complexities of payment processing continue to drive church leaders to seek answers, with Payment Processing and Merchant Services for Churches hitting at #9.

Close on its heels, Are Donation Processing Fees Tax Deductible? came in at #12.


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