Powerful Engagement Tools

Vision2 offers a fully integrated set of Marketing and Communication tools that helps churches connect with their congregation in the same engaging way they would in person.

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Giving is a very personal decision. Yet givers are often treated impersonally by the church. Vision2 allows you to fully customize and personalize your communication to your givers. This builds trust with your members and ensures they feel like a valued member of your congregation, not a customer.

Personalized Email Templates

Templates give you the control to create personalized emails and thank you notes that will encourage and inspire your givers.

Emails Sent from the Church

All emails sent by Vision2 come from your church domain. This helps to establish trust with your potential givers.

Integrated Church Marketing

Include your community outreach, building funds and other church initiatives into a single campaign report.

Event-based Triggers

With Vision2, you can configure event-based triggers to alert givers via their preferred channels (email, text, etc.)

Your church online giving platform makes it easy for members to set and adjust their recurring giving preferences.

Email Automation

First-time gift? First-time recurring schedule? Regular donor that stopped giving? With email automation features from Vision2, you can set up custom messages for many different ministry opportunities and giving patterns.

Giving Journey

For better donor engagement, segment your givers into groups based on multiple criteria. Communicate to your givers in different ways to help them along their discipleship journey.

Email Campaigns

Engage your donors with scheduled campaigns. Automated, conditional communication rules and sequences allow you to deliver a series of messages that adapt based on your givers’ responses.

Customize by Fund

Emails and web acknowledgments can be customized by fund.

Automated Reminders

Avoid interruption of recurring gifts. We alert the church and the donor in advance of a card’s expiration, an expiring recurring gift, a returned payment, or a general decline on a recurring gift.

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