Simple Pricing for a Giving Experience That Conveys Impact.

How does your current solution treat your givers… like YOUR congregation or THEIR customers? How do they work on your behalf… for FREE or for a FEE?

Only Vision2 offers true GIVING WITHOUT LIMITS

  • NO contract
  • NO annual or monthly fees
  • NO fees for support or software
  • NO limits on the number of transactions
  • NO limits on the size of your donation
  • NO delays in receiving your money
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vision2 compare to other giving platforms?

Vision2 is less expensive than competing platforms, in part because we don’t operate on a per user model. If our clients aren’t raising any money, we aren’t making any money. It’s as simple as that.

How are your terms for software and services different?

Your data belongs to you, there are no fees for licensing, maintenance, entry or exit. We don’t lock organizations in for a set amount of time. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can cancel at any time. Use our giving platform, and you will see the difference.

Is there truly no contract?

While we do not require an annual contract, we do guarantee your rates. We generate all contribution accounting and bank reconciliation for you, and as founding members of the Fair Data Alliance, our agreement states that 100% of your data belongs to you.

What are the hosting fees?

Vision2 has no hosting fees. We don’t have any subscription fees, either. Organizations pay little more than the cost of payment processing, and in exchange they get all the tools necessary for online and offline giving.

Can Vision2 grow with my organization?

Certainly. Vision2 was built to support growing organizations. Unlike competitors that charge fixed fees depending on the size of the church, we have created a fair pricing system regardless of the size of the organization. We don’t tack on additional user fees or maintenance costs as your organization increases in size.

What about additional fees?

There are no additional fees for Text to Give, no application fees or software maintenance fees, no licensing fees, no upgrade fees. When we upgrade our systems and/or add new features they are made available to all of our Clients at no cost.