By Gina Calvert

Do You Know the True Cost of Online Giving?

FACT: The true cost of your current online giving platform is more than just the monthly subscription fee and the credit card and ACH rates.

When sales are flat, most organizations investigate the many factors that influence revenue. They look at pricing, marketing and advertising, product quality, display effectiveness, website quality, process inefficiencies, operational costs, employees and salaries … and so much more.

With so many things to take into consideration, random guesswork won’t cut it. Leaders seek out the best information and data available as they weigh costs, calculate risks, and determine the impact of any change … including the cost of lost opportunities if they don’t make a needed change.

Can You Calculate the True Cost of Lost Opportunities?

Unlike a retail business, generosity to the church isn’t a quid pro quo exchange for a product or service. Giving is a complex and personal spiritual practice with intangible factors that can’t be controlled.

But with all the research available on technology and today’s givers, it’s been very well documented that the giving experience plays a role in the generosity of online givers. Frustrating experiences can cause givers to slam on brakes. Bill pay-like church giving forms can leave givers feeling uninspired and unsure of the impact of their gifts. That means fewer or smaller gifts.

On the other hand, if an online giving experiences uses media-rich giving opportunities similar to most online experiences your givers accustomed to that actually demonstrate impact … well, the increase in generosity can be considerable. And it’s measurable.

Calculate Your Online Giving Cost with the Vision2 Cost/Benefit Analysis

With our template and 5-minute video, calculate the lost giving opportunity your church may be experiencing by not offering a personalized, engaging giving experience to your members. You simply plug in a few of your numbers and the tool calculates the savings you could expect with Vision2.

Download the free analysis tool and watch the short video to complete the analysis. No form-fill required.