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For too long, churches have endured frustrating, expensive relationships with third-party vendors … and have unwittingly subjected their givers to troubling experiences that hinder online giving.

We don’t claim these 11 commandments were carved into stone. But just as the original 10 commandments provided a framework for relating to God and others, these principles govern how online giving vendors should serve givers and churches.

A Ministry-First Approach to Generosity

26 Tactics for Using Giving Data to Better Serve Your Members

Wondering how to ethically make the most of your giver’s historical data? By far, the most overlooked aspect of giving data is that it can reveal remarkably accurate cues to your givers’ well-being and the challenges in their lives.

Download our free guide for practical tactics for ministering according to giving patterns.

How to Nurture Generosity in the New Digital World

In 2020, almost overnight. the digital church became a reality.

Some churches posted sermon videos online and held their breath until things could get back to normal. Others, however, invested in making digital connections as personal and engaging as possible. Those churches not only kept their members engaged, but they also saw their reach expand to a broader audience.

Giving "Growing Pains": A Before-and-After Case Study of a Typical Vision2 Client

Take a peek into the specific online giving issues other churches have navigated … and how they solved them in this aggregated case study of a typical Vision2 Executive Pastor and his team.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

When it comes to online giving, we’ve identified 10 ways giving behavior and expectations don’t line up with most online giving vendors’ practices and platforms.

The Deadly Sins of Online Giving: 5 Common Giving Obstacles and the Easy Fixes

You might be surprised to learn that your giving experience has many of the most common obstacles that contribute to the 83% gift abandonment rate on charitable websites.

4 False Assumptions About Online Giving

Learn the truth behind some common statistics and how to turn each one into a growth strategy for giving to your church.

How to Talk About Giving During Times of Uncertainty

It’s hard to talk about giving during troubled times. This resource provides suggestions for elevated mindsets that effectively and sensitively engage givers during a crisis. You’ll also find practical tips for ensuring the way your website and online giving experience “speaks” helps people give, not “give up.”

Giving Without Limits

At Vision2, we approach generosity from a different angle, one that guides how our online giving platform is built and the way we do business with our church partners.



Churches are still struggling to adapt to fluctuating attendance and giving brought on by the pandemic. Learn about giving tools that let you convert more gifts, optimize engagement, automate messaging to demonstrate impact…and more!


Whether it’s Easter, summer, Christmas or other seasonal initiative, build effective campaigns that engage more people, inspire generosity, and extend connection beyond the event.

4 Common (& False) Assumptions About Online Giving

Learn the truth behind some common statistics and how to turn each one into a growth strategy fo your church.

12 Urgent Tips for Online Giving During a Crisis

Learn 12 crucial tips to maximize donations so you have the vital resources you’ll require to help those in need.



The true cost of your current giving platform is more than the monthly subscription fee and the credit card and ACH rates.  With our template and 5-minute video, calculate the lost giving opportunity your church may be experiencing by not offering a personalized, engaging giving experience to your members.

Giving Platform Comparisons

These high-level comparisons highlight the significant differences in Vision2’s approach to church-centric online giving when set side by side with other online giving platform providers.

How to Run an Online Giving Campaign During Times of Uncertainty

When circumstances make it difficult for people to give in person, these sensitive sample phone scripts and email templates will help you transition them to online giving.

Illustrated Givers' 3-Step Guide to First Time Online Gifts

Show your new givers how easy it is to give online with this 3-step guide to their first gift. You can put the graphic on your website, in digital communications, or in print resources.