By Gina Calvert

“Simple” vs. Simple Giving Systems

Simple giving systems sound ideal! Simplicity is a good thing. We all need more of it in our lives.

But when it comes to software, is it a silver bullet? It depends on what you mean by simple.

Two Kinds of Simple

Just a head’s up: There’s no silver bullet either way, but these are the two options when you’re looking for a simple giving system:


The giving solution should makes it easy to do these robust processes:

  • Implementation should be easy, with the vendor’s team doing all the heavy lifting
  • All gift processing, including cash and checks, should be automated (and eliminate double and triple scanning)
  • It should be intuitive for your support staff to learn, with tools that make their job easier
  • Reconciliation should be automated and your GL files should easily transfer to your accounting system without manual processes
  • Givers must find it streamlined, inspiring and secure (by not redirecting them to a third-party to complete their gift) … and not irritating (because: single sign-on!)
  • It should be so easy for your IT team that there’s literally nothing for them to do!
  • It should offer bi-directional, real-time integration with all major ChMSs to keep both systems updated
  • Analytics should make it easy for leaders to gain actionable insight

But all of this simplicity doesn’t just happen. Below the surface, online gift transactions and management are quite complex. That means your giving system must actually be very ROBUST, taking on all of the complexities behind the scenes … handling every detail.

Or else it must be very …


This is the kind of “simple” that comes at a cost. You may get a bare-bones turnkey solution and an easy giving experience, but it will likely:

  • Be unable to offer inspiration and connection to givers
  • Threaten givers’ sense of security (because this simplicity requires redirecting givers to a third-party platform to manage the complex transaction)
  • Lack robust back office features
  • Come without tools for growing stewardship habits or data reporting for leaders

It’s “Giving Lite” and shouldn’t be expected to meet all your needs. It’s mainly for transacting gifts. If that’s all you need, you’re good to go.

Vision2 is Simple, Not Simplistic

Vision2 comprehensive giving and stewardship solution meets all the criteria under “Simplifies Complex Things” above. We simplify every aspect of giving by taking on all the complexities for you. One of our clients put it this way: “Vision2 is comprehensive, not complex.”

We enable a ministry-first approach to giving and help churches move giving from obligation to inspiration.

So the next time you see the word simple in conjunction with giving software, find out what kind of simple they’re selling.

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