By Gina Calvert

Stop making it difficult to be generous

Let’s Take It Slow, We Barely Know Each Other!

You try your best to create the same experience online that you create in person, one that doesn’t frustrate givers who really want to be generous. But many churches are surprised to learn why they’re not pulling it off.

The fact is, 23% of those givers who abandon their gift before completing it have a very specific complaint about online giving for churches: They don’t want to be forced to create an account in order to give to your church online (and they really, really dislike unnecessary extra steps).

Mandatory account creation can be problematic in several ways:

  • Asking for a formal commitment too early in your relationship puts undue pressure on newcomers.
  • All your givers are busy, overwhelmed with email, and tired of the tyranny of usernames and passwords.
  • The folks with potentially greater resources are also the most likely to resist sharing more personal information than is necessary.

Could you keep more of the gifts your givers start on your website if your giving software took mandatory account creation off the table? [Read more about account creation]