By Gina Calvert

True Giving and ChMS Integration is Bidirectional and in Real Time

There are lots of claims out there about giving and ChMS integration. But how are they defining “integration”? Here’s what we mean by it.

Systems that don’t integrate with each other really slow your finance team down. Keeping everything updated becomes the job, rather than focusing on givers and the church’s financial health.

What: Real-time Bidirectional Giving and ChMS Integration

With Vision2, your back office of the future is never out of date, thanks to real-time bidirectional data synchronization between your giving system and ChMS.

Constant communication back and forth between your systems mean:

  • Member profiles and giving history are always fully updated in both systems
  • You get a complete view of each donor, no matter which system you’re in.

Who: Vision2 Giving and ChMS Integrations

Vision2 integrates with the major ChMS systems, including MinistryPlatform, Planning Center, Rock, TouchPoint, and Fellowship One.

We’re particularly proud to be part of a best-in-class ecosystem with MinistryPlatform and PocketPlatform, who recently joined forces to help you engage members and equip staff.

Vision2’s deep native, bi-directional integration with MinistryPlatform, along with giving data from PocketPlatform (MinistryPlatform’s app of choice) provides the most seamless flow of giving data synchronization available for churches.

NOTE: If you don’t want to link your giving system to your ChMS because you might be switching soon, Vision2 can function as a stand-alone solution as long as you need. In fact, here’s why it’s a good idea to start with your giving solution if you’re planning to switch both.

Who: Vision2 Giving and Accounting Integrations

Vision2 speaks your accounting system’s language, giving you a detailed subledger with GL output that is tailored to your accounting solution’s structure. With comprehensive online and offline giving and automated reconciliation, everything is perfectly synchronized. You’ll never have to reconcile specific transactions against net proceeds again.

Check it out with a quick Vision2 demo today.

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