By Gina Calvert

What Your Self-Service Giving Portal Should Offer Givers

Back offices of the future don’t just offer a self-service giving portal. They offer a portal that actually serves not only givers, but also staff.

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Many people want to hear a real person on the other end of a phone when they interact with organizations. But for routine needs, most consumers are accustomed to and prefer managing their online profiles with the organizations they do business with.

If they’ve gone to the trouble to login, they want to find whatever it is they came to do. If they don’t, you’re not leaving a good impression. And staff is then burdened with managing it for them.

Vision2’s Self-Service Giving Portal Helps Givers

Your current system most likely allows givers to manage their:

  • Contact information
  • Payment methods
  • Giving history
  • Recurring gift schedules

In addition to these, Vision2 also offers access to givers’:

  • Pledges and giving goals
  • Mission trip participation
  • IRS-compliant giving statements (for viewing or printing)
  • Latest statement to view, download or print

Vision2’s Self-Service Giving Portal Helps Staff

Laila Vanderpool, CFO of 7-campus Life Church and Vision2 client, is a fan:

“It’s so convenient that someone can login to their profile and manage so many aspects of their giving.” Laila says. “Such access creates a win for everyone, time saved for the back office and 24-hour availability for the congregation.”

“We save so much time and money by not printing out giving statements,” she continues. “I always say printing, mailing, managing incorrect addresses and the time it takes to do all of this is wasted time and money. It’s not how we should be spending the Lord’s money.”

“95% of our individual’s statements are now accessed via Vision2’s self-service giving portal.”

Vision2’s Statement Generator

Your staff can now be proactive about getting giving statements into your givers hands … but without all the time and expense of printing and mailing tax statements. Our Statement Generator lets staff easily and quickly send givers their year-end statements by email or text. They can even track who has downloaded them (and print and mail a statement to those who have not).

Check out Vision2’s Statement Generator.

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