By Gina Calvert

When Online Giving Becomes “Giving Up”

Giving is an act of worship. It should not be frustrating. It should not end in giving up on a gift due to multiple sign-ons, mandatory account creation, glitchy forms and a generally non-personal, non-engaging experience. It should be easy and streamlined (not jump givers to a third-party site). It should connect givers to their church.

This is part 3 of our 11 Commandments of Online Giving series.


Don’t Frustrate Your Givers

You may not realize it, but believe us, they DO get frustrated. And then they simply abandon their online gift. Who knows when or if they’ll get around to giving an in-person gift.

There are a number of frustrating features that can cause givers to slam on the brakes, leading to an alarming 83% of gift abandonment on charitable websites. But it starts with where they are.


Giving – on its own – is an emotional decision that can cause anxiety. That can be the first brake tap. Natural concerns about the security of online transactions can be a second brake tap. They’re hesitant before they’ve even started the gift process.

Then, each time your giving platform adds a hassle of some kind, a flicker of doubt arises and they tap the brakes again. They hit another bump and press the brakes harder. At some point, more than three-fourths of them will reach their peak tolerance of hassles and simply abandon their attempt to give.

Vision2 was designed to eliminate giving speed bumps

With Vision2, your givers get a streamlined giving experience. There’s no double sign-on, extra passwords to remember, or unnecessary fields to fill out. Your givers will never even know about us because their entire gift will be completed on your church website and all acknowledgments will come from your church.

Vision2 operates invisibly in order to elevate the church and help build trust with your givers.

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