By Gina Calvert

Why Churches Should Work With A Marketing Agency

Let’s talk about marketing agencies for churches. Before a new person ever attends or becomes a regular member and gives consistently to your church, they must first know that it exists. The way people discover, engage, and interact with churches has changed over the years, which means churches can no longer rely on just word of mouth for growth.

People are spending more time than ever online, turning to Google to quickly find the “best church near me” and other quick answers. In order to reach new people, it’s never been so important for your church to be easily found online.

But, how do you go about this?

Most church pastors don’t know where to start to improve their online presence. It can feel overwhelming to add the steep learning curve of this challenging skill to your already busy schedule. To get the best results, (and save time and money), consider putting your church’s online marketing needs in the hands of experts at a professional marketing agency.

This is where our new partner, Missional Marketing, shines.

Missional Marketing is a Christian advertising and digital marketing agency dedicated to helping churches of all sizes grow. With over 25 years of experience, Missional Marketing has helped hundreds of churches reach new people within their communities. We’ve partnered with Missional Marketing to help pastors and other church leaders put their churches on the map with trustworthy, faith-based online marketing expertise.

Through Missional Marketing’s proven strategies, which include SEO (search engine optimization), paid advertising (Google Ad Grants program and Google Ads), and website engagement optimization (improving website effectiveness), your church will be able to reach new people in your area, increase online giving, and communicate more effectively with your community.

Missional Marketing is more than your average marketing agency. They are deeply passionate about helping churches thrive to expand the kingdom of Heaven and bring more people to Christ. Their mission is to help support churches in being able to share the Gospel with more people, rather than just focusing on driving web traffic or clicks online.

With Vision2, you’ve already stepped up your online giving game to make donating on your website easy. We encourage our clients to reach out to Missional Marketing to find out how they can help you take your website to the next level, too. More visitors there means more visitors you could see at your doors … and on your giving page.

About Missional Marketing

Missional Marketing is a Christian digital marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona that is focused on helping churches of all sizes across North America grow through online channels. They are experts in church web design/development, successfully getting churches approved for Google Ad Grants, running paid search campaigns, and SEO. To learn how their services can benefit your church, head over to their Contact Us page and click, “Schedule An Appointment”.